Shell cordovan

Thoughts on horse butt?

I’ve got several pairs of dress shoes, mostly Allen Edmonds, one pair of Bruno Magli and a sort of nice pair of Redwing boots. So I may never need another pair of dress shoes, but if I do I’d think about cordovan.

I do have a briefcase that’s made from Horween CXL, and I had them use cordovan leather for things like the straps that see a lot of use/stress. It’s nice stuff!

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If you do get shell shoes, get them early cuz they last forever and you’ll get your money’s worth.

My ‘regular’ AE may last forever since I have several pairs and don’t wear dress shoes all that often.

My briefcase will absolutely outlast me, it’s bulletproof and if something does happen to break, they’ll fix it for me.

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Nothing looks like shell cordovan though. In burgundy if you can get it.

Nobody gives a horse’s ass what I think