Shaving thread

Yo. I heard these threads get a lot of replies so imma go make one. Here’s a prompt:

  • Straight edge master race
  • Safety razor ok
  • Cartridge plebs


Merkur barber pole handle, Feather blades, Truefitt & Hill shave cream, Vulfix brush. Oh, and a shaving scuttle from Dirty Bird Pottery.

When I travel I use a Mach III, I tried a few of the others and still prefer this one. Good design that doesn’t clog easily.

Not a stupid topic (“I don’t get shaving…” would be a stupid topic), so you’re getting better.
I use fancier cartridges and a fancier (still plastic) handle, but the real trick is the cream and brush from The Art of Shaving. Not too expensive. Also still have pre-shave gel and post-shave lotion from an Art of Shaving travel kit I received as a Best-Man gift several years ago.
Do note that I shave about twice a week. I’m not a gorilla.

I like my electric razor so much that if I were rich enough I’d buy the whole company.

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Seriously though, electric razor is good enough for me. Quick easy painless don’t see the point of cartridge razors or whatever. I just get a new one every few years when it’s on sale at Costco.

I like whatever razor my significant other is currently using.

You know, all you have to do is replace the blades.

Made me think of this: Disposable cameras are fun, although it does seem wasteful and you don’t ever get to see your pictures.

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I usually wear a full beard. When I shave, I use an electric to trim it down, then a safety razor with a good shaving cream and brush, with a Mach 3 to clean it up when I keep it clean for a few weeks before growing it back.

u balding finally?


I tried out my dad’s safety razor when I was a kid. I gave myself a good, painful cut on the cheek!!! Those blades are ****in’ sharp!!!

Chicks dig scars


I started using a safety razor when I was maybe 30, and it took a couple of weeks to get the hang of it.

Also, safety razors vary in how aggressive they are. With some handles, more of the blade is exposed, or at a different angle.

I used to use an electric razor. Switched to cartridges decades ago and wouldn’t go back to electric

i remember listening to this woman on a talk show complaining how womens product are so much more expensive than mens

“take razors for example, women pay twice the price for the exact same product!”

well, if it’s the exact same product just buy the mens razor and stop giving sucker money to the corporations

I’ll replace the blades if they really start to grind on me, but usually the battery stops holding a charge before the blades wear out.

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I don’t know if there’s a differential in men’s vs women’s. I do know that cartridges going to $2-$4 each was a big part of why I switched to a safety razor. It wasn’t so much the cost per month as much as that just seems obscene for what you get.

I can get 100 safety blades for $20 or so.

DTNF won’t go electric because he wants to shift gears. Makes him feel attached to his razor.


Interesting. I bought a norelco from costco quite a few years ago. aamof, it was the impetus for me to get a costco membership because the reduction in price on the shaver as roughly equal to the first year’s membership cost.

Anyway, the battery is showing signs of not holding its charge as well as it used to but not iphone-bad.