Shana Tova

Happy New Year, y’all.

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Shana Tova.

Healthy and Peaceful

Spending it by my daughter, grandkids and going to her temple

What does Shana Tova mean? What does the new year signify

Today is the first day of the year in the Jewish calendar. “Shena” means year, and “Tova” means good, so it’s literally just “good year”, short for “have a good new year”.

The name of the holiday, Rosh Hashanah, means “head of the year”.

Sheena is a punk rocker.


Youz folks need to start organizing your holidays around Moose hunt week a little better. It’s a problem every year.

what holiday is My Sharona?

Hey, it moves around every year. Well, compared to the standard calendar, anyway.

Yeah, I know, because every year it’s a ‘which week are we going, depends on the high holidays’.
I know almost nothing about judaism other than a few weird idiosyncracies from my brother who works at a synagogue. Like families used to visit the cemetery and place coins on the tombstones. Except that attracted homeless folks, so now they just use stones.
the visiting the cemetary is actually a really great tradition. We all should really visit our ancestor’s graves more often. I really don’t do it enough, and a once a year trip seems like a really good family tradition to have.

Huh, traditionally it’s a pebble. I’ve never heard of using a coin. I bet people were using coins because they had one handy in their pocket, and it’s close enough to a pebble.

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Well there is a “moose-off” service Mussaf - Wikipedia

Was nice to be back in person after our synagogue went virtual over the last 2 sets of high holidays. I still took the virtual option for Rosh Hashana day 2, tried streaming into a synagogue I used to attend, but when the link failed I went to one in Chicago with a cantor I really like.

From Rabbi Josh Heller of Atlanta, an Eric Clapton song parody based on the fact that in the Kaddish prayer, the word “l’eyla” is said twice between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur (but just once the rest of the year).

They say that Yom HaKippurim is supposed to be Ke-purim “a day like Purim” and yet, inexplicably, the genre of “Yom Kippur Shpiel” has been largely ignored.

Until now.

With apologies to Eric Clapton, as well as all who pray on the High Holidays, I present: L’eyla

What do I do when we hit Tishrei

And over minyan I preside ?

I’ve been shockeling and davening much too long

And now my brain is wholly fried

L’eyla, (l’ayla) you’ve got me on my knees

L’eyla, I’m fumbling kaddish please

L’eyla, darling must I say you one more time!

Giving mourners consolation

I always hate to let Jews down

Like a fool, said one instead of two

Turned my Kaddish upside down

L’eyla, you’ve got me on my knees

L’eyla, I’m flubbing kaddish please

L’eyla, darling I must say you one more time.

Let’s fix the hamelech situation

Before I finally go insane

Please don’t say, I’ve passed ata chonen

And tell me amidah’s in vain

L’eyla, you’ve got me on my knees

L’eyla, I’m flubbing kaddish please

L’eyla, if I forget Zochreinu it’s just fine

L’eyla, you’ve got me on my knees

L’eyla, I’m flubbing kaddish please

L’eyla, darling must I say you one more time

Stay tuned for

“Bell Bottom Blues” (re: the Avodah service)

“Aleinu Down Sally”

“After Midnight” for Selichot

“I shatz the Sheriff”

“While my Shofar gently weeps” (Clapton did the guitar solo)

The special Shemini Atzeret version of “Let it rain”

“Strange Jew”

“Tales of Jonah’s fishies”

Also considering a SWLABR/Hineni mash-up.

My synagogue is huge, and I wasn’t comfortable hanging out with a few hundred people I don’t usually hang out with, mostly unmasked. So I volunteered to be a greeter this year, and stood outside the temple, saying “Happy New Year” and giving people badge holders for their name tags.

Temples that have gone hybrid ( in person and remote) have been empty enough to feel well spaced out

I would rather sit in a controlled spot, rather than greet everyone coming in and all the shake, hug and kiss avoidance

There’s a lot of air outdoors.