Separating whites from blacks

My hot water is hot enough to kill many germs. I just feel better cleaning my socks and underwear in hot water.

I also use “not quite cold” water for the rinse cycle because the detergent rinses out better. I don’t actually wash anything in all cold water.

Buy more underwear and do laundry less often. I just don’t do the wash until i have at least a load and a half.

(My husband and i had very different laundry preferences, so we’ve always done ours separately.)

I rely on Jaspess II’s mastery of fabric care to wash my more business casual-y things. Those color-catcher sheets fascinate me.

Most casual stuff gets lumped together, other than reds which we often combine to make one reds load.

The wsj weighs in…

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I’m disappointed that (so far) no one has N’d my R.

Where’s the tl;dr synopsis?

^What he said.

Also. I’m gonna be honest here…

OddSox also does the laundry.

Under 35, I don’t believe in separate but equal

Does he separate the White Sox from the Black Sox? That’s an important consideration if you were to go Shoeless around the house.


I think that’s what it said.

As long there’s an even number of each…

Cold for almost everything.

Sanitize whenever something gets poop on it, towels and my undergarments get thrown in so it doesn’t feel like such a waste of a load.

I have about two weeks of comfortable clothes, don’t know how y’all are waiting for like 4 loads to pile up before doing your clothes, as soon as there’s a load worth of clothes it gets washed.

Isn’t there some adage about not expecting a man to change? You did, after all, marry OddSox, not EvenSox.


I can’t even

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We do probably 4-5 loads a week. It’s just just the three of us.

People really need to learn to wear their underwear for a few days and their shirts two or three times and their jeans for a week or two.

Underwear? Ew. If I work out or am particularly active I will go through two pairs in a single day. I don’t like wearing dirty underwear.

Jeans I will wear several times before washing.

I’m with twig on underwear - it doesn’t take up much space and probably not healthy to wear a pair for more than a day. I agree about shirts 2-3 times as long as you’re not schvitzing in them, and pants can go a long time between washes.