Secret clients

Like when I did consulting unless you were talking to people within the firm you didn’t name who your clients were if you were talking to people outside the firm like at conferences or whatever.

But as far as I can tell I never signed any kind of nda or came across any kind of rule that said you couldn’t say you did work for xyz corp. So can you just say that you did? Why keep it a secret?

Reinsurance. I tend to keep it private, but when we take a group out to dinner at a conference, it becomes obvious

Just policy not to discuss other cluents, nothing written.

My clients are long term, not one and done jobs.

My clients are different. I meet them in the alleyway.

are you the reinsurer or reinsured?

why is it sensitive?

Reinsurer - making pricing & rate increase decisions for multiple companies in the same market.

So many of the actuaries I work with have been at multiple companies and like I said we host events.
So it is a poorly kept secret, I just don’t discuss it

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Actuarial Gigolo?

word of mouth is important!

isn’t it all public knowledge (Sch S)?

or is it more about who is getting the goodies?

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check the contract language, you don’t want to get screwed


Sometimes we ghostwrite for others…