Heading to Seattle area soon. Anyone want to hook up, platonically? I’ll have my wife with me, and she’s way more interesting than I. That’s why i bring her.

I’m here right now visiting family. It’s raining.

Of course it is!

I used to say that Seattle has 5 weeks of summer. The last week of May, the last two weeks of July, and the first two weeks of August. (Note the non-consecutivity.) My parents were astonished that I always needed to have the heat going over 4th of July. They’d switched from heat to air conditioning months earlier.

I’m not sure if that’s true anymore with climate change, but it certainly used to be true. Anyway, you are there during not-summer, so obviously it is raining!

(Seattle also has two seasons: summer and not-summer. Or if you prefer: not-rainy and rainy.)

Have fun!

I recommend checking out the Chittenden Locks and salmon bridge in Ballard. It’s fun to see all the boats and watch the salmon jumping. Bonus is it’s free, although donations are suggested.

You can visit the Fremont troll on the same excursion. (Also free.)

Is that the troll under a bridge? I saw that on a trip to Seattle.

Yes! It’s under the Aurora Bridge. (And it’s the Fremont Troll… I’d mislabeled it the Ballard Troll originally, but that’s wrong. The locks are in Ballard. The troll is in nearby Fremont.)

And for completeness, here’s the Wikipedia page about the locks.

Happy to spend an afternoon showing your wife around.

The annual Canadian invasion of Seattle is later this week as thousands of Jays fans take over the Mariners’ ballpark. Bad time to visit price wise as the Seattle hotels jack up their prices to fleece the Vancouverites. However the actual games are a hoot.

Hopefully summer will have arrived by the time of your visit. Haven’t seen it yet this year in this part of the world.

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To be fair, this time last Summer, it was 100+ in the Seattle area. This year has been especially mild. I can confirm that my thermostat was still in heat mode well into June.

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On Saturday the 9th, I’ll be going to the Sounders game in the afternoon, have a few hours to kill, then the Mariners game in the evening. I’ll buy y’all a round of beers if you’re in the area around 3:30ish - 6:30.


(Puget) Sounds great, but I’ll be on an island on Saturday.
We’re not actually staying in Seattle at all. North of it on the weekend, South of it after that. But we do have to drive through it twice. We’ve been several times before.

Weekend looks pretty good, weather-wise.

I enjoy Seattle. Alas I won’t be there to hang out with your wife.

Well, honk on your way though, I’ll make sure to wave.

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Will do!

swing by for drugs

We usually stick to the Canadian islands but folks tell me Whidbey Island is both lovely and interesting. Just don’t expect hot weather. That was 2021 weather.

Coldest winter I ever spent was summer in the Olympic Peninsula.

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We are going to be very close to Canada. But the ferries are not running to Victoria.

Great, that is our south-of-Seattle destination!

We just got back to Seattle from Olympic peninsula. If you are planning on following our whole trip you’ll have to drive up to North Cascades and then over to Rainier, then swing by Mt. St. Helens on the way home.