Sayonara Boris Johnson as an MP

My understanding of the Westminster form of government is that losing a vote on a bill that is considered a non-confidence vote triggers the fall of the government and results in a new general election. There is no counterpart to that in the US House.If a bill doesn’t pass here it doesn’t trigger an election.

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In its original Roman use dictator wasn’t a bad thing, they’d call them up in need! (have been re-listening to Mike Duncan’s great The History of Rome podcast)

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Might also note that the Roman dictator also had a very narrow scope in both time and range of authority for his powers.

Usually, it was to address an issue requiring very timely responses and generally requiring military support.

He got a 90-day suspension for his threats against the committee.

The only time a Prime Minister has been found to be lying to Parliament on this scale in all of modern UK history. The report absolutely crushes him.

He is cooked now as there is a huge outcry over his behavior and they will move to deselect him (he would not be able to stand for the Conservative Party again).

Only downside now is that he is back to being a tabloid journalist so you can fully expect him to continue to do damage.

This is from 2019.

Worth reading as Hasting’s was Boris’ boss. His analysis of his character is pin point accurate and devastating. The last few years have proven his analysis time and time again.