Sayonara Boris Johnson as an MP

Its a fantastic day today. First Trump gets indicted and now this.

Boris is stepping down as an MP. Effective immediately.

The priviliges commitee told him he would be suspended for 10 days for lying to Parliament due to Partygate.

In the UK this can trigger a by-election if you get the signatures of 10% of registered voters.

So he is stepping down to avoid the embarrasment of being voted out by his own constituents in Uxbridge & South Ruislip (who really dislike him now).

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Military Police
Mathematical Prodigy
Mother Pucker
More Please

Member of Parliament

Common acronym in Britain . . . and I believe Canada . . . and the BBC (which I read regularly).

I often get MP confused with PM when reading that site too quickly.

I was about to call out Poly that Boris hasn’t been PM for quite some time . . . but glad I slowed down my reading . . .

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Is that a standard position for the former PM? Ex officio, as groups I belong to would do

The PM is usually a sitting MP.

He gets picked by Conservative Party members.

When he got booted as Prime Minister, he went back to the back-benches as an MP.


The way it works in Canada (and I assume England) is that each voting district elects a member of parliament, an MP and each party elects one of its MPs to be the head of the party. The party with the majority has its head as the PM.

If the current PM wins his district and the party as a whole loses the majority then the PM will become MP.

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Makes me think that the American analogy would be Speaker of the House (of Representatives).

And the VPOTUS relationship to the Senate might be analogous to the reigning monarch in terms of their role with Parliament.

These names were made up by someone who was really drunk at the time, right?
(As documented on Dark Side of The Moon, perhaps.)

Maybe he’ll get a new haircut and come back, but no one will recognize him

You are probably going to think this is a SNL skit but…

Boris gave an OBE to his hairdresser in his honors resignation list.

There are no words to describe how utterly amoral Boris is. Never has a single politician done so much damage to his own country for his own benefit.

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I’ll see that comment and play my trump card


Have been thinking about this and at least with Trump you have a way out in the US. Long-term, there are avenues were things do work out for the US in general.

By driving Brexit, corruption, and polarisation, Boris has put the UK on a path with no way out. It is a slowly sinking ship.

The UK is essentially socio-econo-politically crippled, and it was all done by one man: Boris.

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I think that’s a bit unfair, there were a bunch of politicians that helped Britain along that path. David Cameron springs to mind.

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But without Boris taking the helm during the Brexit vote, leave would have lost.

He did this for 100% selfish purposes. Just his own ambition.

He did not care one iota about the country. He never has. Its “Me, Myself, and I” with him.

Its been a downward spiral since that day. The future of an entire generation of children has essentially been wiped out.

Yup. Cameron and Johnson can be jointly blamed for Brexit but it would not have even come up for a vote except for Cameron’s stupidity.

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It is hard to come up with a good American analogy to our PM as a majority party in our House has unchecked power. We have an unelected Senate that usually just rubber stamps legislation that our House passes. We do not have an Executive Branch of government to veto or influence legislation. The Monarch is just a figurehead in practice. Thus the party in power in our House has close to unbridled power and the PM sets the direction for the party.

ITA . . . but the mechanics are what I’m seeing as being “analogous” . . . not necessarily what (political) power is held.

The mechanics are also very different.

The Canadian PM doesn’t have to worry about factions in his party; the MPs will just fall in line with his wishes for important votes. There is not the negotiation on the content of legislation within his own party and other parties that takes place in the US House.

The PM doesn’t have to deal with bills coming back from the Senate with revisions as they are usually rubber-stamped: bills often get revised in the US Senate and sent back to the House for approval.

The PM is Canada’s international face at G7 etc., so he is more like the US President than the leader of the House in that respect. PM’s role is more like combining the US President and House Leader’s roles.

More like a dictator.

Yes. Until the electorate votes his party out, the Canadian PM of a majority party has unbridled power.