Russia v Ukraine Mortality Differences

So I shared info from an old post I had on Russian life expectancy, and I realized the same source ( also has Ukrainian life expectancy.

So let’s compare!

Period life expectancy (only goes to 2014 for Russia, 2013 for Ukraine)

Here is the female version:

Not that different from other European countries - or each other

I wonder if they include those “Russian brides” with these numbers . . .

Okay, now using info from Our World in Data
Life Expectancy - Our World in Data

uses World Bank data set

Okay for females

A couple more charts – population pyramids.

The sudden absence of people under age 30 isn’t the result of more wealth leading to lower birth rates. It is the opposite. The breakup of the Soviet Union resulted in economic collapse that led to more deaths (visible in the life expectancy trends) and fewer births. It’s easy to see why some Russians and Ukrainians would say that life was better with the SU.

So I pulled other ex-Soviet country life expectancies, as well as a few nearby countries:

All in one post now, in case you wanted to share