Running thread

Well, after running but that’s because I’m running 3X weekly.
Both feet. More in the heel this time. Probably because I run like a giant stomping ants.

I’m dropping weight. Hopefully I take a few more pounds off and it’ll go away.

You might try changing your stride to strike more toward the ball of the foot instead of the heel.

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Did you go to a running store for your shoes? They might be able to help. The brand i use (newton) have lugs that promote forefoot striking. Also look up pronation to determine if you need stability shoes (running store should have determined this as well).

Stop cheaping out on shoes if you’re going to be running.
Might need to travel to a town with a running store.

You can cheap out and buy future replacement shoes online once you know they work for you. But yeah, if you are already dealing with foot pain, better to go to the running store where you can get the right shoe. I have had foot pain… caused not from running but from other reasons. Very simple things fixed both issues I’ve had.

I bought my last set of shoes from a running store where they took images of me running on a treadmill, and made recommendations from that. I bought a current model of the same shoes. I know shoes are often the problem, I don’t think they are in this case. Probably just the build problem, I’m built like a linebacker, not a runner.
My weight’s starting to drop quite a bit, hopefully that’ll produce some results.

I found cycling to somehow be more auto-limiting in the sense that it’s really hard to overdo it. I can’t recall a time where I actually got injured cycling unless I fell down. Whereas with running, for some reason it’s really easy to get injured unless you make a deliberate decision to go way slower than you think you can.

Yeah, I’ve cycled a lot in years past. I love cycling in the summer, but hate the indoors stuff, so I switch over to running. Only been injured once, did a back to back century over two days, the second day my knee started to get irritated.
I think I’ll continue to train for this run my daughter signed me up for for fathers day, and in the meantime get my roadbike back in shape. Been a few years since it’s been on the road. Good excuse, because my spouse is making noises about taking biking trips again this summer.

So I did some reading. I think I’ve got some inflammed muscles/tendons in the base of my foot that’s causing the pain. I’ve taken the last week off, still have a bit of pain. The internet says it’s inflammed from ramping up running too fast (hey, I was following a schedule!) and to do stretching exercises. Which is what I’m going to do for the next little while, see if I can get back on the treadmill.

Do any of you runners use those shoes with super thin soles? Think Vivobarefoot, Vibram Five Finger, or similar zero drop shoes. If so, what do you wear?

I rarely run but wear Vivobarefoot almost exclusively as everyday footware and my daily walks (about 2-5 miles). I go barefoot when exercising at home.

Well, I don’t feel any pain anymore, even when trying to tweak it.
Was set up to go to PT, then have a follow-up after six weeks, on May 3.
First PT is… April 23.

So, doctoring myself, probably not a tear.

I have been reading this book called 80/20 running which advocates for very easy high volume work most of the time. I have only been running 15 miles a week and I think I may abandon next week’s threshold run for building more zone 2 volume these next few months until I build it up to 30 miles a week or so. In theory by doing just that I should increase my 5k and 10k race times without even going past zone 2 or something. Seems weird but people on the Internet tell me it will work. Then after 30 mi/week I can start some speedwork but since I’m a somewhat decent sprinter I might not actually not need it for a long time.

I would think at my mileage any speedwork would be limited to little bursts of a few hundred meters each, but the vast majority of the time it’s 13 minute miles. And then magically that will lead to a 9 minute per mile 10k without actually running 9 minutes per mile for 10k in any of my training. Weird.

the VFF thing came and went except for the very few who liked it. the new popular one is shoes that ride like the Hoka where the roll is different from traditional running shoes.

@SpaceLobster they say to stretch - i always skip it until by back breaks down on me and then I am reminded that i feel great when I stretch more. then I feel great and skip stretching until my back breaks down. repeat forever. stretching is always a great idea.

Looked at Hoka online just now. I can’t imagine going back to wearing shoes with that much material between foot and ground. Thanks for responding.

it’s a stark difference for sure. i think the VFF type didn’t catch on but there were some who really did like the feel (like you). I assume they are harder to get than in their peak (so mostly online orders?).

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I need cushion, cuz I’m heavier than my feet are naturally expected to support.

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Yeah, I get that, makes sense.

I’ve come to trust more and more the results that hundreds of millions of years of evolution have produced. I find viewing the world through an evolutionary lens very helpful. I’ve made a lot of changes in my daily life as a result.

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Man evolved to make more comfortable shoes. Don’t see no dogs doing that. And that is why they’re extinct.