'Round Midnight, midnight. I do pretty well, till after sundown, Suppertime I'm feelin' sad;

So, it is late at night, after Thanksgiving, Christmas and you wake up feeling hungry

What leftover in the fridge are you going for?

Savory, sweet, just a piece of fruit?
Plate or straight from the fridge?
Heat it up or straight from the fridge?

I go for savory. If there is stuffing in casserole, I am grabbing the crusty edges.

Not adverse to grabbing some brisket or turkey straight from the fridge

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Split pretty equally between ham (straight from fridge if late night) and potato casserole (crispy topping all over, heated).

All of it. Especially when stoned or on Ambien.

About the only thing I ever have as a late night snack is a bowl of cereal. Maybe some cold pizza if there is any available.

I very seldom have any late night snacks though.

yeah I usually am in bed by 10