RIP Sidney Poitier

One of my favorite actors. He deserves his own thread.


I guess I know who is NOT coming to dinner. Ok, bad joke.

He was older than I thought he was, so he lived to a rip old age.

He was a little before my time, although I have seen a few of his movies, and he was a good actor. Sneakers is a favorite of mine, with a really great ensemble cast including Poitier, Robert Redford, Dan Akroyd, and River Phoenix.

+1 on his own thread.

I loved pretty much all of his works. I found A Raisin in the Sun very influential as I grew up pretty isolated from any exposure to race relations.

Another guy I didn’t realize was still alive…well I guess not anymore. Look Who’s Coming to Dinner was a great movie and well ahead of it’s time.

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I have seen 30 of his movies. I find it interesting how often he played a black man in his films

yes, a joke, but his films were so important because, his race was usually of importance to the film, and not in a subtle or secondary way. He made a lot of statement films, before it was socially acceptable, actually making it socially acceptable


I noticed on TCM that the one where he’s an escaped convict chained up to some white convict is coming soon. I don’t think I’ve seen it, so TiVo time!

Hell yes, you need to see The Defiant Ones

I’ve only seen 13, plus Six Degrees of Separation where he was the fictional dad of fictional Will Smith

RIP for a great actor and one class act of a human being.

He and Sammy Davis Jr. broke down a lot of barriers in their day.

Type casting

Sammy broke it down for Jews primarily - that’s what you meant?


Agree with the influence these two had.

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Yup, it’s in a week or so.