RIP Alex Trebek

dead at 80 :frowning:

oh, didnโ€™t realize we had one thread for all deaths.

oh well.

I expect that if traffic picks up we will want threads (topics) for each person.

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Has there ever been a thread about actuaries who have been on Jeopardy? I know of at least one.

aces219 posted on the ao that she was on jeopardy. sheโ€™s on here once in a while now too.

I know two. Have to be more.

Send in your applications. Greatest Living Canadian is now wide open.

RIP :cry: gonna make a point to watch his final episodes

wait, was he hosting jeopardy up until the end?

Looks like it.

:astonished: WOW!

I read they have shows he hosted to play through Christmas.

What is Cancer sucks?
RIP Alex

Confirm OddSox on Jeopardy.

We are the sads. RIP Alex.