Rickson’s [s]Right[/s] At It Again

Electronic police state control grid is rolling out in Australia:

Jacksheepleasses always got their heads up their normie buddies butts.

Wow, for no reason at all, and every person in South Australia? I mean, nice cropping there.

Plus, we (USA) need the data and don’t want to subject our own citizens. Pretty much how we’ve always done it, right?

Lastly, not sure why I even bother. Such a waste of, well, name it.

Was that posted anonymously online - so we can trust it?

The Atlantic article link-Is Pandemic Australia Still a Liberal Democracy? - The Atlantic

It’s a covid quarantine app.

Australia seems to have pushed some crazy restrictions during the pandemic. This is not surprising.

Holy crap! So like… if I go to work and forget my phone at home (something that happens 2-3 times a month), I’m screwed?

What if I’m, uh, literally getting screwed when they text me?

Or in the shower? Or out for a run? Or in a bad reception area?

I predict this will go badly for South Australia.

Haven’t read it all, but it looks like this isn’t an “everyone” thing - it’s an “instead of hotel quarantine” thing.


Ah, OK, I read the Atlantic article, but I missed that it was only the quarantining folks. Thanks.

I didn’t see anything about that detail in the Atlantic article. I googled and found some official FAQs about it.

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The article says it at least twice…

9/11 was the needed excuse to build out the infrastructure. COVID is what they are going to use to “turn it on” out in the open.

Is FEMA still the central organization, or have they moved it somewhere else?

FEMA is just an arm of the deep state who is an arm of the global fascist police state.

But - they are the ones that will be running the death camps still, right?