Retirment plans? (tangent from FA thread)

What are your plans for retirement?

Me: Variously may not actually retire because I like my work and I get bored real easy. I may just find something that lets me work less.
May consider volunteering, particularly around education/tutoring.
May consider going back to school. Both my kids have a science degree, I think it’d be fun to have one as well.
Not intending to sit around and manicure the lawn, nor likely take up any new hobbies.

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My retirement plan:

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Oh, you meant plans for retirement, not retirement plan savings vehicles.

I’d like to think I’ll work pretty late in my life because I don’t mind actuarial so much. If possible though I could see wanting to move to some cushy like 2-3 day/wk job at an insurer when I’m 65-70 and do part time college for the rest to just take classes I’m curious about

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Combine that with ‘I’ll probably die early’ and you have my mother’s retirement plan.

Sounds like my mother in law’s retirement plan… which is a similar concept. What’s the moral obligation (in $) to help out MIL when she is old enough to not really be able to work anymore when she didn’t save for retirement? Especially when she has one fully deadbeat son and another half deadbeat…

I’d like to retire early and take up teaching in some form. Either piano or tutoring. I generally enjoy teaching, but in its base public education state I have no interest in dealing with any of the extra stuff that tends to come with it.

I’m definitely planning to do some tutoring. :+1:

You’d have lots of time to travel!!! :airplane: :tropical_drink: :palm_tree: :desert_island:

Day one: get on a plane headed east and go somewhere new. Repeat every 2-4 weeks until I’m back where I started, maybe six months on the road. Attempt to eat my weight in Thai and Vietnamese food within the allotted time. Attempt to burn off those calories biking through Patagonia.

I’m trying to figure out what to do after that. I’d like to look into opportunities to work with non-profits, probably local ones. My small town/city has a lot of really great groups. I’ve also gotten keen on getting back into woodworking, I took shop in HS and enjoyed it, so I thought I might make some furniture for our old house. I might see about volunteering with our local preservation society to help fix up old houses and what-not around town, we have a lot of historic buildings that need some love.

Once our son is older, my wife and I have considered living abroad. We aren’t sure if that means buying a cheap place somewhere, or going to different countries, but it would probably be for ~3 months per year, we think.

I expect to die early but my partner to live much longer. I’m aiming for retirement no later than 55, hopefully by 50. Hoping to fund my child’s (childrens’?) college expenses and, haven’t discussed this with my partner, but leave half of our nest egg to a few charities like Planned Parenthood. Haven’t seriously considered which ones yet.

While retired I’d like to spend 10+ hours a week volunteering at places like soup kitchens/food banks, or if I’m still physically competent, Habitat for Humanity construction projects.

Also maybe start playing Runescape again, but this time pay for the premium membership.

Personally can’t wait to retire so I can start my streaming career.

Finished? Now we can finally play the game!

I plan to retire from my practice in 5-10 years. Either I’ll sell it if it has value or just let it languish. But I have other work I do that I’ll keep doing as long as I’m cognitively able - which hopefully will be decades longer. It’s enjoyable enough that I don’t think of it as work. More like a hobby that pays well.

And I can do it from anywhere. So I plan to travel a lot - spend winter months in warmer places. Much of that will depend on what kids and grandkids are doing and where they end up.

I can’t not work. I’ll always work. My grandma worked (at what she loved) until she was in her 90’s. My mom will probably do the same. So I come by it honestly. Mainly retirement to me means shedding work that adds stress and doing what I want to do. By that definition I’m well on my way. :+1::woman_shrugging:


Nothing. Abso-bloomin-lutely nothing.

I’m not one of those “I can’t just not work!” people. I can happily not work, and will do so probably beginning a few months before my actual retirement.

I don’t care about travel, I don’t care about hobbies, I just want to be.


Don’t you worry you’ll get bored? It’s like when you’re keen to watch TV but can only fit in a little bit everyday with work, etc. and then you have a week off and spend half a day watching TV and it stops really being fun.

I enjoy boredom, truly. I can sleep 14 hours a day if allowed, I hate doing activities on vacation and prefer to sit in the hotel room, and I think I’ll be fine. My favorite activity is spending time with my husband, just chatting. There’s a solid chance he will not be around for much or all of my retirement, but I’ll find other ways to not fill my time if that’s the case.

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If I somehow end up alone with no living cats, I will probably end up being one of those crazy live-in cruise ship people that dies while playing bingo one night.

But I assume I will always have many cats, and thus retirement will include various levels of cat-related activities.

Edit: I am assuming Oddie is dead by this point. If he is still alive - retire in the France countryside?

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Are there cruise ships that allow cats? :thinking:

Update: Only 1 ship does allow this BUT the animals are kenneled (lame).

I did however, also find this.
We do plan on having t-shirts, but will not be including them with the price of the cruise so that way you know exactly what you are paying. They will be a separate cost on a tshirt website directly, so you can adjust to the type of shirt you want with sizing, styles, and colors. I also will take a photo of your kitty and have it on the front of the shirt.