Republicans Say the Darndest Things!

Hasn’t Trump also been vaccinated?


I suspect, considering the attitudes of his cult members, if he has been vaccinated he probably isn’t advertising it / making boosters a photo op.

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Yes, Trump was cagey about it for a while but it was discovered that Trump got the COVID vaccine and later a booster at the same time that he was telling parents not to give the vaccine to their kids and that it wasn’t effective.

He got booed by his MAGA base on at least one occasion when he admitted at a rally that he got the booster, and quickly learned to shut up about it.

I’d be curious to know what percentage of MAGA believes he got the vaccine, even if you played Trump saying such to their faces.

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It’s ironic since I think the biggest accomplishment of the Trump Administration was Operation Warp Speed but he can’t boast about it!


I have seen earnest speculation that yes, Trump got a COVID vaccine, but because he was a President he got a special vaccine that was actually effective and not deadly.

The mental gymnastics required.


Doesn’t explain her cognitive never-had.

“But you told me he lies a lot. So, this is one his lies.”

Lol we have all these safe, effective vaccines that we reserve for presidents while giving everyone toxic ones. Oh dear

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I guess 140 coffee boys helped write Project 2025. That’s probably why Trump knows nothing about it.

It’s too bad Biden was never President or he could have gotten that vaccine, too.

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Posting BoBo for the second time today, albeit for doing a darndest thing this time:

tl;dr Colorado’s favorite congressbeing got caught doing 84 in a 65, didn’t pay the ticket, and got a summons to court.


This is weaponization of the police against our true patriots. She shouldn’t have to pay!


Thats an every person darndest thing. People speed

And when every person gets a ticket for speeding, they respond to it (frequently by going to court and trying to get out of it).

The darndest thing is ignoring the ticket to the point that they are summoned in.

Didn’t the Supreme Court grant her immunity?


Diplomatic Immunity

Another fun read on the Boebert bobble(s).

She’s got street cred now. Perfect VP for T-Rump.

Governor Justice (WV): “We become totally unhinged if Donald Trump is not elected in November”.

(Link goes to a tweet containing video clip from the GOP convention.)

I’m not 100% sure, but this seems to be legit.