Republicans Say the Darndest Things!

I think you are starting a whole different discussion

tRump feels the minimum string is the country is not paying as much as he feels they should be paying for the protection.


The NATO thing is Trump normalizing something very real wrt Russia and Putin as he pushes for his own autocratic agenda. Time and time again has he coupled a justifiable position (asking for real commitments from NATO) with his real goal (alignment with Putin). He repeatedly says the quiet part loud to affect change, and has been extremely successful with this as the traditional media simply cannot keep up to hold him accountable and/or is constantly losing the narrative to social media.

We should all be paying a lot closer attention to this stuff.


Trump, NATO, and the Constitution.

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Trump said “one of the presidents of a big country” at one point asked him whether the US would still defend the country if they were invaded by Russia even if they “don’t pay.” “No, I would not protect you,” Trump recalled telling that president. “In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever the hell they want. You got to pay. You got to pay your bills.”

This is a problem. Chris Christie said in his Presidential run that other NATO members need to pay more. That is not concerning. Perhaps he’s right, perhaps he’s not, but he’s not clearly in the wrong.

Trump encouraging Russia to attack NATO is well beyond the pale. He’s once again distancing America from NATO even as a civilian, and he has wanted to leave NATO for a while according to John Bolton and many others. Our Senate just passed a bill requiring Senate approval for Trump to pull us out of NATO, but NATO officials warn that Trump can do a lot to undermine NATO from within if he’s not allowed to leave it.

Trump is once again clearing the way for Putin, as he consistently did during his Presidency.

I’ve seen it argued over and over that “Yeah Putin liberated part of Ukraine, but they wanted it because they’re ethnically Russian (lol okay) and Putin would never attack NATO because he’s afraid of Trump”, meanwhile Trump is all but paving a highway from Ukraine to NATO.


Maybe Trump might let Putin annex Brighton Beach due to the percentage of Russians there.


Trump would invade first. There’s too much oil and gas in Alberta to just let his buddy Putin take it.

Actually I view Trump as potentially a greater threat to Canada’s sovereignty than Putin. We have a lot of natural resources but a much smaller military than the US.

Meh, he’s just trying to be incendiary and get everyone talking about it in a way that clearly Chris Christie didn’t manage.

We have a pretty defined line, 2% of GDP. So let’s say if you can’t manage 2% of GDP then you’re not certified for the year. Everyone should expect to be spending 2.5% so they’re not dancing along the line.

It’s a similar concept to the Red Sea. We’re out playing world police for Europe’s trade. Maybe we could save some of the money to spend on universal healthcare like they have.

While true, I don’t see Trump ever touching Canada and I don’t see Putin trying to cross the Arctic - but I think Trump would hang Europe out to dry in a heartbeat.


I expect Trump to tear up (again) the US/Canada/Mexico free trade agreement even though the US benefits as much as Canada from trade between Canada and the US. This is where we will see his bully tactics kick in (even though he gained nothing significant for the US in the last trade negotiation despite all his blustering). Last time cooler heads prevailed and a reasonable compromise was reached but Trump may have more power in his next presidency. His threats may be real.

I am incredibly tired of hearing “he didn’t say that, and if he did say it, he was joking, and if he wasn’t joking, he meant something else”

At what point is it not acceptable, if a “joke” entirely in line with your past words and actions about encouraging Russia to attack our allies is acceptable? Joking about starting nuclear war? (Well, he’s done that too so I’m not sure the man has any concept of “too far”.)


Last time, you had reasonable career bureaucrats in positions of power to keep the Trump administration from running amok. We were saved by the ineptitude of Team Trump’s transition planning team.

This time around, the Project 2025 crew and others are working to ensure the same “mistake” is not made if there is a second Trump administration.

The potential increased competence of a second Trump administration is what really scares me about the prospect of his winning the election.


It’s not clear which country he was threatening to refuse to defend, but many of the ones that might be on the front line do spend 2%; Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland,… Trump doesn’t care about the 2%. He cares about currying favor with Putin.


Isn’t that how we ended up with an insurrection?




I’m sure there’s a bot for that.

Patti Davis says her dad would disapprove of today’s Republicans. Waiting for someone to call Reagan a RINO.


May not happen as Reagan has an almost mythical status with Republicans. Even the idiots in the GOP would be hesitant to criticize him?

Cheated on wife
Conceived child out of wedlock
Cut all social services he could
Created taxation to benefit the rich
Ignored a “plague” on the gay population

I think he would fit right in


At what point can we all admit he’s not playing 5d chess and is just that crazy old uncle?

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