Remembering the AO

Remember when the poker threads were filling up the non-actuarial topics room. And then it got so bad that they created a new topic just for us poker people. Lol.

I miss online poker. We have a pretty nice poker room about 20 minutes from me, but I haven’t been back since COVID. A buddy and I keep planning a trip, then cases spike again and we nope out. One day…

The AO was a wonderful, large vibrant community!!! It was something to behold!


I believe @cohete still plays online and has been doing VERY well. @Triweasel prolly still does too as he’s been profitable (correct me if I am wrong bruh)


I’ve seen some online options out there, but they felt off to me.

20 minutes? I’d be there at least once a week and actually getting something for my frequent hours card. Closest I have now is an hour away (and there are several), though I will take longer than normal getting home after driving someone to the airport.

That said, yeah, AO. Good times.

the monday night games were a lot of fun. i got lucky once or twice on those. learned a lot from the people there.

was playing on bodog/ignition casino for a while. ran really bad a few months ago and went bust. haven’t played online since then. cashed out plenty along the way though.

local game is going again thursday nights. just low stakes holdem. same as MH i haven’t been back to the casino since covid. still a bit too germy out there for my taste.

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My office is quite desolate and there are random pieces of furniture I eye and ask if I can have for my home. I used to build poker tables and have been accumulating the necessary tools to do that again. This is a pretty solid base to do a 54” 7-person poker table.

Remember the Purge? I think there were two games of that on the AO, both very entertaining.

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