Remarkable 2

I ordered one back in August on a whim (whim defined as: was looking at it for many weeks, perhaps months, but was having a hard time justifying the spend until one night - after too many Manhattan’s - the deal was done).

This was a pre-order situation, and is a Kickstarter company, so I was expecting delays, but what I wasn’t expecting was to be completely skipped in the shipping order (for context, I qualified for Batch 8 of 13, and they are currently shipping Batch 11).

I’ve started to troll the company with emails, since they don’t appear to be responding to anybody that’s in distress. For example, they have a “features wish list” request form that I filled out, asking for their “physical product” to be improved in such a way that they would actually ship it out to the people who already ordered and paid for it.

Worth the $500 USD? So far, I’m not impressed.

Um, sounds like you have not received anything yet, so, yeah, not worth it.

When you get a round tuit, you can explain what this product or service is?

I went to Ace Hardware the other day. They had a whole shelf dedicated to tuits, but they were all the square and rectangle ones…and a few triangles, too. They were all out of round ones. I told my wife that I’ll fix that squeaky door when I get a round tuit, so she’ll have to wait until at least next weekend.

Digital paper tablet, but not like one of those fancy iPad’s with the shiny screens and fun apps and such. Strictly for the biznus.

I can’t take notes in a notebook without scribbling sideways and wasting pages once the patience in me wears off, (and then my OCD takes over and is all “IF IT’S NOT PERFECT, IT’S COMPLETE GARBAGE”. And taking notes in OneNote just isn’t scribbly/fast enough.

My kids already wore the first marker tip down.

If ever I need a fancy new way to doodle (caveman using pencils here), I’ll know what to get.

But can you convert your fancy doodles to text and email them to yourself?