Recession thread

Yo I heard we’re probably like in a recession or something

what do

Um, keep yer jerb.


I’m calling bullshit on this. I’ve heard we no longer have recessions.

But even if we did, for some weird reason, have a recession, I’ve been assured that it’s minor and well-contained and will not spread or cause any issues.

Hang on, I need to add grease to this printing press so it can keep running.

vote blue

I was talking with another guy at the office today, we were both hired 30+ years ago. We were in agreement that we’d volunteer if rumors of layoffs start. We’ll make the decisions easy for the bosses.
Based on prior situations, we’re looking at a 24 month buyout. See ya!


Does your ID badge still have your 80s hairstyle?


pretty sure that’s called quitting and you’d get nothing.

Nah, sometimes if layoffs are coming, companies will ask for volunteers first. I’ve seen it happen, and wish it happened more often.


I’ve heard of it happening too.

I do wonder if they’re manually picking who to keep and who to let go if the amount of severance comes into it though.

Like if you have two equally productive employees of a similar age (so expected to retire around the same time) and one’s been with the company 20 years and one transferred in from another company 4 years ago and severance is two weeks per year with the employer do they keep the senior guy so they only pay 8 weeks of severance instead of 40? If there’s no pension there would be an incentive for the employer to hold onto the tenured staff. A pension might change the math to where it’s better to let the senior guy go.

Yeah, i know of a lot of cases where the company formally started by asking for volunteers, and others where managers informally respected the requests of volunteers.

I just wouldn’t want to be the 65 year old guy with long tenure heading into a recession. They’re not going to give him a big severance package. They’ll just wait for him to retire.

If I’m 65 and the recession is bad enough that there will be no bonus, why wouldn’t I retire?

Some people say they’ll be bored. I always seem to have more stuff to do than time to do it.

keep in mind that the company is not required to give you a severance by law. so don’t bank on it in a recession, that might be the first thing they cut.

Well, I learned my economics from Samuelson and Nordhouse, and the general rule of thumb is that inflation is the opposite of recession.

In other words, recession is when the economy contracts because nobody is buying any crap and in the aggregate, the economy shrinks.

Inflation is caused when people have got lots of money to spend so they are spending it willy nilly and that causes companies to raise prices, because they can. The government gave away 4.6 TRILLION dollars during the pandemic (source Why is anyone surprised that the giveaway bitchslapped the economy into high gear?

Those Democrats running the country then. Sheesh. All their fault… (hand to earbud) wait, I’m getting an update…

I think we have plenty of evidence that far right and far left policies don’t work great economically. Far left people think there is some way the government can make it where no one need work and far right people think that there is some magic way everyone can easily take care of themselves.


If this is the case then explain why the global economy has higher inflation as well…

There’s truth there Nick Papa-G.

One of my top 10 great ideas is to establish a media outlet (probably just a website) that helps re-establish people in the “middle” politically that can use their minds purposefully to vote left or right.

My main thesis gives me the name: The 40-20-40 rule.

40% of the people are idiots who wont think and will just vote democrat
40% of the people are idiots who wont think and will just vote republican

The 20% in the middle, who can be swayed either way, have all the power.

Note that in the 1984 presidential election, the biggest landslide in modern history, more than 40% of the popular vote went to Walter Mondale.

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When the US has a fever, Europe starts to sweat.