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My neighbor asked last night if we wanted some smoked ribs they were making for “the game”. I said yeah, sure.

She came over wearing a jersey and I asked “Oh is that your team?” She said, “Well I root for [state team] but this is my husband’s team so I’m rooting for them!”

I asked, “Which team is it?” to which she turned around and pointed to “Kelce”.

“Sorry… which team?” “Taylor Swift’s boyfriend!” “Oh, well good luck!”

(Googling Kelce football team)

Anyway that’s how I found out the Super Bowl was last night.


Whichever rock you live under, is there another one like it? I’d like one of those. :grinning:

I knew the superbowl was yesterday but didn’t know which teams were playing in it.

I knew the Super Bowl was in February, and if not caught off-guard I could have named Kelce’s team. Wasn’t expecting a pop quiz!

I had no idea from the colors of the jersey though. Without Googling, I think both teams had red and white, or at least red on their jerseys? Though I have no idea what each home vs. away jersey looks like.

I know the Super Bowl is in February every year but I often don’t know which Sunday it is unless we are invited to a party. And we don’t get invited to many parties these days! :slight_smile: I had assumed it was last weekend but then…Sunday came and went without any fanfare.

The only reason I even knew which teams were playing was because of the whole Taylor swift making headlines thing. And my foster son is really into football, so he knew a high level, but he doesn’t root for either of these teams, his team is the Steelers.

The Pointer Sisters song Automatic came in in a store this weekend and I can’t get it out of my head

Niners are red and gold. Chiefs are red and yellow. I can see why there might be some confusion there

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My foster son was rooting for the Chiefs last night. At first he was rooting for the 49ers, because he thought they were the underdog, as the Chiefs have won more recently. But then he found out that if the 49ers won, they’d be in a three-way tie for the most Super Bowl wins, while the Chiefs would “only” have four wins, so he changed his vote halfway through the game.

But it’s ironic that he was so against the idea of the 49ers winning, because his favorite team is the Steelers, and for a long time, they alone had the most number of Super Bowl wins, and are still tied for first.


So essentially, whichever team he was rooting for did better at that time


I’m taking a road trip to Pittsburgh 760 miles away in less than two months.
If I deliver a pencil to the person I am staying with for a dollar, can I expense 760 miles and reduce my taxable income by $509?
If it’s possible I will probably deliver pencils in Michigan, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis on the way back and double that.

If driving to MI, load a van with recyclable aluminum cans



If you’re not 100% joking…
I believe you need to spend more than half the time you are there for business purposes to deduct travel expenses. At least, that’s what a random website says, and I think I saw another random website say the same thing years ago. So … if you got to Pittsburgh and then delivered the pencil and immediately (or after less than double the time it took to drop off the pencil) left to go back home, you might be fine.

Don’t hold me to it, but it might be more than half the non-weekend time there.

So you might be able to get to Pittsburgh on Saturday, leave on Monday at 12:01 AM, having delivered the pencil at 12:01, and be fine because all the non-weekend time was spent working.

Some other random website says that travel time counts as part of the time working, which would make it a lot easier.

Effectively, if it takes you 12 hours to drive each way, you could stay in Pittsburgh for a full day not including weekends, and your trip would still be deductible (24 hrs driving, 1 minute to deliver the pencil, 24 hrs of non-work, etc.)

Pro tip:
If she asks why it’s so difficult to get all pee in the toilet bowl, it’s a rhetorical question.


You totally missed that insignificant signal.

I saw a banana peel on the sidewalk. I was tempted to step on it to see if the age old meme was true.


When my oldest brother was <12 he tried it out on a cheap linoleum kitchen floor. As I recall, it was a successful test.

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So you’re saying the response to “I know how penises work” shouldn’t have been “I’m not sure that you do”?

I’m the only one working in the office today. The men’s room was being cleaned so I used the ladies’ room. Wondering if I had boldly gone where no man has gone before.

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