Random Thoughts

Listening to the waitstaff who just got off shift talk shit about the customers is incredibly satisfying


The person next to me said “happy Mexican Independence Day” to the bartender. He looked at her oddly and said “I’m Puerto Rican”


Free drinks. That’s why people play black and red.

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Daughter is up for a caesarian section today,.first grandkid on our side. I was planning on getting a lot of work done today, but looks like that’s going to get blown up shortly, when spouse hits full panic mode as soon as the call comes in.

On her.husbands side, his parents likely won’t even show up at the hospital. They’ve got 11 kids and 9 grandkids so far lol.

We don’t know the gender yet. Spouse is telling me we have to rush in the way to the hospital so we can stop and get a blue or pink something or other. Me: oh for crying out loud.

Spouse is also riding me to finish attaching a bookcase (we are big on reading to kids, so we have a lot of kids books) to the wall. Me: oh for crying out loud. I have a year before the kid is going to be anywhere near that bookshelf.


Also random thought, I should tell my spouse to go buy a blue and pink outfit right now, then return one later.


Mini Me was using rolling over as a legit means of locomotion at 4 months. She’d start at one end of the room and at first it took her a bit but she’d roll all the way across the floor to get to where she wanted to be. She got surprisingly fast though. There were a couple of times when I left her on the floor for like 30-60 seconds to, say, refill my water or something and I’d come back and panic because I didn’t see where she went she’d rolled so far so fast.

So you maybe only have 4 months to get it secured.

Regardless, congratulations on the grandkid. Hope everything goes smoothly today.

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Yeah, lol. Either way I don’t think we need to panic about it right now, do we? Some disagreement on that point.

Particularly since I need my cordless saw to make a mod to the bookcase first, and I loaned that to a student. So now I need to drive into town, connect with the student, then come back, get the bookcase set up to be modded, make the mod, etc. Seems like a ‘maybe next weekend’ job to me.
Meanwhile spouse: Just attach it to the wall.

No, definitely no need to panic today.

First rule of being married to MrsSL. Panic when she says panic. OK, maybe first rule Stay the FO my kitchen, and then panic.

Congrats Papalob!


Not about the grandkid. But about the irate spouse…


I hope everything went well!

I’ve been focusing on gratitude, at night before I fall asleep. I used to lie awake at night while my thoughts circled like vultures, but now, a few months in, being alone with my thoughts is the part of my day I consistently look forward to.


Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thess 5:18)

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