Random Thoughts

It looked like witch’s snot, which it’s not.

Instead, I had to winch his knot.

Enter this contest to win Chisnot unclaimed inheritance.

wow…slow monday

I’d ask for mho, but I figure I’d get some resistance instead.

“Critical Review of the U.S. Actuarial Profession” should’ve left out the “U.S.” in its title, imo.

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So true, we didn’t pull the plug on this thread in time.

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Don’t forget to sign up for the Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament! Entries due by Sunday afternoon.

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Sing up.
Sign up.
Do what ever you need to do.
Do not miss out on RPS-GoA-style!

I’m better than most people at avoiding the illusory superiority of the Dunning-Kruger effect.


I’m enjoying this month’s password and am going to miss it when I change it next month.

The name changed when the dropped the first r from Kruger. Now it sounds like one of those old car horns.


So, I like the cheese bagels at Hy-Vee, it’s my go-to breakfast. Every time I’ve gone looking for them, I get the last three in the store. Probably 8-10 trips now, I get there: three cheese bagels.

Actuarially, what are the odds?

3 is an odd number, but when it comes to calculating odds for these things, I can’t even


Patching an inner tube. Rubber cement. Probably not as useful as the name would imply.

Tried fixing a broken pumpkin the other day . . . and you’d think that a pumpkin patch would be of some use . . .


Oh my gourd, hope you got it worked out.


A patch can’t do much when it’s been squashed

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On Words WIth Friends, the “Match of the Day” is against a player named “Good,” But will it really be a good game?