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Here is the COVID mortality thread:

and here is the general mortality trend thread:

I find it odd y’all are putting this stuff in here.

Well, it’s where the discussion was. Plus it’s one of the few threads where anything is pretty much on-topic. :laughing:

True enough, but if y’all have something substantive to say, it would be nice if you added to the other threads…

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Now don’t start making requirements like “substantive”. If you did, I’d never post. :grinning:

Let me re-word – there are some substantive posts up above that would be really good in those other threads…

…but let me see if I can quote/place them in those threads and see what happens.

Okay, I tried it here, and you can see what it looks like:

Oh wow - clicked on the down arrow to open it up… woo.

now I have a different idea…

From the sublime to the ridiculous

Listening to a performance of Nutcracker Suite and singing the Smurfberry Crunch commercial song.

I bought new socks because I’m wearing shoes less often.

I had committed to buying more socks but got cold feet

I actually often wear my shoes while I work because it keeps my feet a bit warmer than just socks

As long as we have the heat on I don’t worry about wearing shoes or socks. I even take out the trash in flip-flops - a couple minutes of cold air on my feet aren’t worth the effort of putting on shoes and socks.

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Got an ad on my Facebook stream that renting a private jet is finally affordable!!! Made me think of somebody… :face_with_monocle: :tophat: :moneybag: :man_office_worker:



And I got a blast e-mail for Ritz-Carlton yacht vacations. :dolphin: :tophat:

AO Fan’s furniture thread made me think how badly the office furniture rental business must be suffering.

I have various friends whose main customers were businesses… for example, one guy’s big thing was white boards (and their frames) which took a hit with offices getting closed… then he found he was selling a lot of the frames w/o white boards… various orgs were putting the clear plexiglass in the frames. So he started selling plexiglass + the frames.

Lots of interesting changes going on…

I forgot about that guy… does Brazil block GoActuary?