Random questions

Maybe a presumed demographic thing? I only get OF spam from random bots posing as hot, sexually deprived women on Reddit, despite having a feminine presenting avatar.

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That avatar must be pretty butch.

Maybe, but these guys are NOT hot for the most part. Some are doctors tho (at least in the internet).

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Like this one:

Or more like this one:

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The second for sure.

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Do fruit flies have sex? I think I caught a pair in the act and sent them to their grave.


What a way to go.


doesn’ matter 'ad sex

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Sentenced to death…by snoo snoo!

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On social media sites you get placed ads. How do they determine which ones?

I know if I do a google search (say, for a car) I get car dealers or links to the actual cars I looked at for sale.

But do they aggregate across everyone using the same IP address? So does someone else get my car ads? question generated by…my getting video ads for things I don’t search for. why do they think I am that interested in plus size lingerie, for example?

Food for thought (literally):

How can strawberries be simultaneously “dried” and “juicy”? :thinking:

‘partially dried’?

Those are pretty tasty btw.

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Back when I was a kid we’d dehydrate strawberries. They certainly weren’t “juicy” anymore but, unless they were over-dried, they’d be “chewy”…and since they were so delicious when I’d pop them in my mouth the saliva would make my mouth “juicy”.

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Fruit fly horror movie right there.

this is what data brokers do. They track action correlations. People who searched for things you’ve searched for also search for (and likely buy) plus-sized lingerie. Or they’re just horny and click on the ads.

Does anyone here own / have any experience with a product called “Reencycle”?

It’s an appliance that supposedly turns your table scraps into compost … you keep it in the house though and supposedly you don’t get fruit flies in your house or rodents outside like you do with traditional composting.

My mom is thinking about buying this but doesn’t want to shell out unless it’s actually as good as the reviews say.

My neighbors have a Lomi machine and swear by it. No flies, no stink, or so they say.

We have the Food Cycler by Vita Mix. Depends on how often you run it. We usually run every couple of days and don’t really have fruit flies from it. Certain foods work well in just some just don’t. Chicken bones break down real well. Lettuce, banana peels, asparagus and celery not so much. I think too high a water content. Egg shells are OK.

What is e*******n making for lunch?

How long is X going to be appended with “formerly known as twitter”?

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