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Go on…:popcorn:

Heh, I edited my post as you were typing that, so I did go on, but perhaps not in the way you were envisioning.

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The difference is just one letter[/dadjoke]


moles / voles / watering the holes… all have roles depending on your goals. But do they have souls?


Or soles?

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please don’t do that. some larger animal (bird or raccoon or coyote or dog) then eats the dead vole and now it is poisoned.

So how do you get rid of them then?

If you trap them more move in.

Dogs don’t go into our fenced-in lawn. For the rare time a friend’s dog is over to visit, if I poisoned within the last few months I would be cognizant and only allow them into the front lawn (where voles have not ventured and thus no poison applied.) Perhaps a coyote has been in there before but it wouldn’t be common. Besides, coyotes eat the fruit in the neighboring orchard all the time, rooting out an animal inside a tall fence next to a residence seems pretty unlikely in comparison.

I particularly would not be concerned about a bird or raccoon dying, but it seems pretty unlikely for a bird when the voles will mostly die underground. I have no wish to harm birds or raccoons, but it’s not uncommon for me to watch hawks rip birds, rabbits, etc. to shreds in our backyard and I don’t worry about those animals either.

Why is there no mole poll? #goals

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I assume that voles and moles have natural predators… snakes seem likely, but that’s just guess. So I suppose it would hurt the snakes. Which I don’t want to do.

But I’m not sure what to do instead.


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Yeah I don’t want to hurt snakes either, but last time they ripped the hell out of our lawn, it was all soft to walk over for all the tunnels and at times would even get caught in the blades of our mower. I’ll sacrifice 2 or 3 snakes if that’s what’s needed. They were absolutely rampant.

Cement, then?


I’ll allow it. :judge:

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A friend of mine has a teenager who literally sleeps through every single alarm on Teen’s iPhone. So Friend is seeking recommendations for an alarm clock that will wake the dead.

Second friend suggested “fog horn” and Friend’s response was that she wants something that does not require her to be part of the ongoing solution. She is currently using the “Find My” feature on Teen’s iPhone and that works but requires Friend to be awake and alert and aware of her surroundings. Friend wants Teen to be able to get up and get going without Friend’s involvement.

Any ideas?

My first idea is that teen isn’t getting a proper amount of sleep…most likely through poor sleep habits, but also possibly because of sleep apnea.

Keep in mind I’m an actuary on the internet.

My first thought was also sleep apnea. It’s easy to test for now, can be done at home.

Is the friend certain that the teen is really sleeping through the alarm and not relying on parent to wake them up? Very little can motivate a tired teen to get moving in the morning, in my experience.

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the phone is likely part of the problem. i suspect it is part of the kid’s bedtime routine and the kid uses it way too late and then is exhausted bc of the lost sleep time and the way the light and brain activity aren’t conducive to sleeping. leave the phone elsewhere starting at 9pm or 10pm and get an old fashioned alarm clock.


Maybe one of those vibrating alarms? There’s a wired puck that goes under the pillow. You can also have an audible alarm.