Random Financial Thoughts

Why would a store throw away non-damaged clothing???

Companies like SHEIN pump out cheap crap and quickly move to selling other things. They don’t necessarily want to restock your 1 shirt on their website.

Btw, if the terms were described as buy 2 or more and save, vs subscribe and save, i would agree that getting 1 at the discounted price would be wrong.


I’d agree with that, including if they allow returns and you conceal that they were a BOGO/BOGDiscount. In that case you’re willfully circumventing the policy as opposed to explicitly following the T&C.

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I don’t know what SHEIN is but if they’re throwing the clothing away that sounds mildly unethical on their part, not the buyer’s. If they’re donating it to homeless shelters then it’s not unethical at all on either party’s part.

As a consumer I might vote with my wallet and refuse to shop at a store that I thought was acting unethically.

SHEIN is an overseas company (not sure if it’s headquartered in China or elsewhere) that produces crap clothing, often in sweatshop conditions, and then sells it for extremely cheap online. They also make all sorts of other trinkets. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of them, I feel like every person in my life has heard and generally has the opinion of “I’ll never buy from them” or “I’ve bought a few things but felt bad about it”.

Other than being unfamiliar with them I agree with your friends. For a while I was really good about checking labels and not buying anything made in China. I got lazy and stopped but I should go back to checking.

I was reading recently about an increase in phone theft rates as a means of accessing financial apps and draining accounts. I really enjoy the convenience of my banking and brokerage apps, but that has me a bit paranoid. I don’t necessarily NEED my banking and brokerage apps on my phone, but I do like using them. I’d keep Zelle and Venmo as they are especially convenient to pay folks with and the financial difficulties from a phone theft would be relatively negligible if those apps got compromised.

Not doing anything about it now, but thinking about it.

Add in a fingerprint login for each app?

So its phone access (biometric) + app access (biometric)

We had a string of these thefts happen in London a while back.

Is this a new thing in the US?

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It was a London article I read that got me thinking about it. Both my banking app and my brokerage app are set up with biometric ID. Ditto getting into my phone.

The article I saw mentioned folks snatching phones while they were in use so the phone would be unlocked.

All my banking apps require a fingerprint to log in. Most seem to require it again if you move it to background, or may after a few minutes of inactivity.

A few things like my smart thermostat requires an additional login.

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There’s also the risk of bank jacking, where you get held up and asked to give up your passcode:

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I wonder if you could put a daily limit on phone banking transactions. Like you can use Zelle or Venmo from your phone, but no more than $100 a day.

I mean, I have parked in parking lots that only accept Venmo or CashApp as payment so I’m not sure I’d want to give that up altogether.

I intentionally have my Zelle capped at $500/day. Venmo is tied to a credit card, so it would get capped by that limit.


Vanguard has a 7-day hold on new Traditional IRA money before it can be pushed to a backdoor Roth. Had no idea and it’s very unclear what’s happening - kind of annoying, but whatever.

First year I’ll be doing a backdoor!





The worst part is when you make the Roth conversion on your $7k contribution only for a dollar or two of interest to be left behind in your traditional account

They need to have a 100% account rothification option

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Yeah. Like if they sweep the unassigned trad money into something that earns $2 then the paperwork burden will suck. Almost worth shorting the conteibution by a few bucks to avoid the hassle

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