Rainbow bridge explosion US Canada border

Seems there was some sort of auto explosion on the rainbow bridge crossing between the US and Canada. 4 border crossings in the area are currently closed. Apparently it happened when the vehicle was supposed to be going for a secondary inspection

did anyone else expect this to be about recently deceased pets?



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Pretty wild, and to top it all off they closed all Buffalo area crossings which means a lot of people need who were traveling need to scramble

SIL said that supposedly it was someone racing to the hospital for an emergency. If true, then that’s horrifically sad.

I was very nearby this at a sports game with my MAGA/QAnon inlaws.

I was taking a poop and got a text that there was a terrorist attack and we’re leaving, so of course went to find Partner ASAP.

By the time I rejoined the group, I was asking what was going on and the in-laws wouldn’t answer me. Partner said there was a car that exploded, and one person whispered something about terrorists. I asked what happened with the car, it was a bomb or an accident? The in-laws were quiet as the game progressed and the crowd cheered. None of them would admit to their declaration of a terrorist attack.

According to Partner they were making plans to get firearms from their vehicles and deciding if they were driving back home to hide out or where else.

I haven’t kept up, apparently it was a Bentley. And Bentley did have a recall for sticking accelerators, so it could have been that, not sure.

Your story reads the exact same without this information.

I was inexplicably away from the family for non-sports activities.

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