Quirky things you do

You can send them to me…

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As mentioned above: hookers, drug dealers and “immigrant” workers take them, I’m sure.


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If I’m eating a single piece of bread I put whatever spread on the side that has more surface area based on the slope of the top crust. If I’m eating a sandwich then I keep the two slices of bread in the same orientation as they were in the package. I don’t like having to make a sandwich with the last slice of an old loaf and the first slice of the new loaf because the edges aren’t aligned.



Now this seems like an important consideration when making a sandwich.


I do the same things, man. Seriously.


I would just grab 2 slices of the new loaf and use the old one as snack toast, with some cheese on top… :drooling_face:

I do that too for sandwiches. It’s annoying if the shapes don’t quite match up and then a bunch of stuff is coming out at the edges

I was thinking I had posted in this thread, but realized there’s another with some overlap:

That one seems to be for unintentional errors.

Agreed. I thought that was just automatic (and glad to know it’s not just me).

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Sometimes it’s nice to know that I am not the only psychotic person with OCD around here. :sandwich:

If we have odd slices of bread I usually just break it into pieces and throw it outside for the squirrels…

The skwirlz in my 'hood have torn my window screens, so they can go fluff themselves!!! :rage:

I hope your skwrilz are better behaved.

@Echo: Skwirl!!!

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They would not be getting bread if we had that kind of relationship. Although I suppose it might be a bit chicken and the egg. Did you ever try giving them bread?

See my post above.

******in’ skwirlz!!! :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It was the question of why I flipped the bread over that prompted me to post.

When I pull the bread out of the bag I just take two slices and then open them like a book so they will fit back together.

For a grilled cheese I put them face down after opening so I butter the correct side.

When I come out of the shower and I walk to my BR without a towel I announce “naked dad”. I had daughters and thought it was appropriate back then (even though I wrapped myself in a towel from Bath to BR). I live alone now BTW.

My husband and I use random wrong words and phrases from when our kids and foster kids were young.

For example, our foster son before this one called my husband a very wrong variation of his name. So if his name was “Charlie” he called him “Carter.” So I now call him “Carter.”

Our youngest son used to say “what you said?” Instead of “what did you say?” When he was a toddler, so we use that phrase a lot now instead, too.

There are a lot more, but this is making me a little bittersweetly nostalgic, and I have to go into a meeting in 15 minutes.