Put the Atheist back in Christmas

Well inflammable and flammable are weird in that they mean the same thing.

Whereas secular & nonsecular really are opposites. It’s just that, if I understand what you were trying to say correctly, you chose the wrong one.

I think nonsecular is not actually a word. So it’s not really the opposite of secular.

Sorry man. We couldn’t afford big fancy words when I was growing up. Vocabulary stuff is still new to me.

Happy Saturnalia!

may Mithra shine love and good fortune on you!

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Does anybody else think of “pagan” as some abstract thing. But then Roman/Greek gods, etc. as something else entirely and then realize that pagan is just used to lump A LOT of things together?

Make America Pagan Again!

Are you new here?


As a jew this is simply not true.

Its been annoying in growing up in a christian area of the country and everyone shoves Christmas down my throat. It is a christian holiday celebrating the birth of christ, not for jews. You can say the time of year has other significance but then call it by a different name if you want me on board with it. Its referred to as Christmas though. CHRIST is right there in the name.

I don’t think there was “one” set of greek gods.

We think of there as one zeus, say, because the idea of a universal religion has saturated our culture now. We even talk about judaism, christianity, and islam having the same God, because the framework of those religions demand it.

But as i understand it, different cities had their own “zeus” or “athena”, etc. to conquer a city was to steal their gods and make them your own. it’s a radically different attitude. this was attenuated some by the time of late antiquity since the philosophers and incorporated myth into philosophies with a single One god.

See now, as a Christian I don’t pretend to tell people of other faiths that their holidays aren’t theirs. How would a devout Jew feel if someone informed this person that Passover is now so popular that it’s no longer a Jewish holiday?

halloween is on october 31. it isn’t on november 1, and it’s called halloween, not “all saints day”. I’m not saying “all saints day” isn’t a christian holiday. I’m saying Halloween isn’t a Christian holiday.

you can have 2 holidays on one day of the year, you know, even if it was the same exact date, which sounds like it isn’t.

Baba claus is santa claus. Just because some muslims have taken up some of the symbols of Christmas, its still a christian holiday.

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Halloween gets its origins as an old Celtic/Germanic holiday.

It’s probably not coincidental that All Saints Day emerged from local church commemorations of “All Saints” in that part of Europe starting by the 9th century.

There have always been Christian church services on Christmas eve and Christmas day. I’m not sure why people seem to think that the Christians are stealing their own holiday. It being a religious holiday isn’t new.


I literally explained the word “Halloween” in my post. It is the all-night vigil that started the night before All Saints Day / All Hallows’ Day. aka All Hallows’ Eve, or just Hallows’ Eve which became Halloween.

Are you arguing that Christmas Eve isn’t Christian? If not, then why are you arguing that Halloween isn’t?

I too was in junior classical league

do you actually celebrate halloween as a religious holiday?

Just to delve further into the naming convention, All Saints Day is also called Hallowmas, and Hallowtide is the three days comprising October 31, November 1, and November 2.

do you have an all night vigil on halloween? i haven’t heard of people celebrating halloween itself religiously. if they do, this is the first i’m hearing it.

i’ve heard plenty of people celebrating christmas as a religious holiday.