Put the Atheist back in Christmas

I certainly recognize that it’s the day before a significant religious holiday, and a day that has historically been significant in the church, yes.

Protestants don’t do all-night vigils though, and most Catholics no longer do either.

I get that a lot of non-Christians want to celebrate Halloween, and that’s fine. Same with Mardi Gras. Just don’t pretend it’s not Christian when you do, please.

:roll_eyes: this is literally the first time i’m hearing that halloween is a christian holiday. there was no “pretending” there. Christmas is flat out known by everyone as a Christian holiday.

I hate halloween. You can have it.

Does this mean you feel like you can’t celebrate it anymore ?

Me? No. Ive hated halloween for years. Children screaming in the hallways of my building and in my youth it was an excuse for vandalism with eggs and shaving cream and whatever other gross things kids came up with. I think cops stopped the vandalism years ago though as it was kids of my generation being idiots.

Twig can have that shitty holiday if she wants it so badly

You don’t even have to say “trick or treat” for it. Here you go:

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What’s junior classical league? I’ve just listened to the History of Rome podcast

I get where you’re coming from.

I just don’t see what Santa has to do with Jesus in the first place.

nothing. it’s a christian holiday that has a lot of non-religious customs tacked on, but as a jew i refuse to embrace the “extra”. if you want me to embrace the extra rename it santa claus day.

Yeah, I mentioned the part about the date back on post 11.

Sorry, I’m not saying I want or particularly care if you celebrate Christmas.

I want Christians to stop claiming it’s a solely Christian holiday, since most of what’s done has nothing to do with Jesus.

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I see the historical argument about Halloween, but it is sooo far gone from that as the origin that I no longer consider it a Christian holiday at all. I mean it’s so far gone that some sects of Christianity refuse to even participate in it!

Christmas has a lot of secularism in it, but it is still definitely a ‘Christian’ holiday. Many Christmas songs are explicitly about Jesus. It is so American now that it still somewhat surprises me when people don’t celebrate it - the only people I know who don’t are Jewish, but I live in an area that has very few Jews so it’s uncommon to meet someone that doesn’t do something. Most atheist people I know celebrate it in a purely secular fashion just with how ingrained into our society it is - plus if you grew up celebrating Christmas even if you don’t believe in Jesus it would be hard to stop celebrating Christmas.

I would argue most Christians celebrate in a predominantly secular fashion.

Giving gifts.
Putting up lights.
Having a tree.
A big meal with family.

Nothing Christian about any of that imo.

agree on your point about Halloween. It’s so long ago that I and I’m assuming many others didn’t even know it had Christian roots. So, it’s really not that offensive to consider Halloween secular.

I think the atheists who celebrate Christmas tend to also have Christian roots somewhere in their lineage, so it’s part of their customs. It flat out isn’t for Jews. Yeah, we get the day of from work and the lights are pretty, but I never had a family gathering for Christmas as it’s not my holiday.

From article:

“Currently, 55% of U.S. adults say they celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, including 46% who see it as more of a religious holiday than a cultural holiday and 9% who celebrate Christmas as both a religious and a cultural occasion.”

Minority see it as just religious, end the tyranny of minority rule!

A tricky part of this view is that i’m not sure the notion of “secular” exists without christianity.

So we can say christmas has become predominantly secular. I’m not sure that makes it fully non christian though.

Christians stole it from the pagans, now the pagans are taking it back, imo

I don’t see how. Thinking of Christmas as a secular holiday doesn’t mean that one doesn’t recognize that Christianity exists. I’m sure the vast vast majority of those who consider Christmas secular also know that there is such a thing as Christianity.

I think they never celebrated it rather than newly refuse to.

Some Christians don’t celebrate Christmas or Easter either. Doesn’t mean they’re not Christian holidays though.