Protip: Sharing netflix accounts

If you share a netflix password and have different accounts, YSK that you can change the other person’s profile picture.
You can change it to cartoon characters of horses, or characters that sort of look like them. And you can change it daily.
Can change it, and should :).

My niece shares my account (with my permission). One day, my daughter got mad at her and changed her profile name to “GETYOUROWNACCOUNTYOUMOOCHER” or something like that. Niece was pretty upset. I had to scold my duaghter, but it was hard to do with a straight face. :rofl:


I didn’t think through that you can change the account name.

My daughter and her boyfriend share our account. This raises some interesting possibilities.
But the boyfriend’s not afraid to take a poke back, so I need to be prepared for kickback.

My 1 account has like 5 or so user profiles each with their own name.

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My husband and daughter share my account. My son and his wife used to, but then they got a new TV, and while they waited for me to visit and enter my password, she convinced him they should buy their own subscription.

[testing spoilers. nothing to see here]

well, that didn’t work.


Maybe this will?

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That worked.
My daughters account is now named swamp donkey, with a horse icon.

Son went into our account and changed all of the profile pics to characters from Stranger Things.

Now, I’m Hopper.

I remember hearing on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me several months ago about a girl that was able to stay on her ex-boyfriend’s netfix account for quite a while without detection because she had set up an account called “Settings”.


Every now and again my son or daughter will change the avatars. Nothing bad.

Most everyone in our family just uses the first, main account anyway.

We still have a profile for our son, who moved out `5 years ago, and got his own netflix account ~3 years ago. I suppose we should get rid of it. The photo is a cute picture of him and his wife, though, so I sort of enjoy seeing it.

My husband changed my profile picture to Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth on The Crown. I’m good with that.

But I had no idea you could do that so it was a surprise when I logged in and saw it the first time.

We just use the stock characters for the profile icons.

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We used to have fun pictures, but Netflix seems to have changed the interface. I don’t know if i can do that again. But we have stock icons now.

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