Proof of Election Fraud (in Russia)

Suspect peaks in Russia’s “referendum” results

Dmitry Kobak,Sergey Shpilkin,Maxim S. Pshenichnikov,

First published: 29 September 2020

They’ve been researching this stuff for a while. I came across it due to a piece in The Economist:

Check out this nifty correlogram:

Then this distribution graph:

Nice spikes.

Now, I could come up with an alternative explanation – namely, laziness on the part of the election officials (just round off ballot counts, I guess). But it sounds like maybe they did have target percentage goals, but that they were spread out like that… no clue. That would take a lot of coordination, I assume. Would like to know where these polling stations are.

Maybe I’ll dip into the data later:

You’re repeating yourself with the thread title once you drop the parentheses.

In Soviet Russia, election frauds you!