Products that shouldn't need instructions printed with them

Some products are just self-explanatory. Or, just in common use that you just know how to use them.

Like has anyone ever took a tube of toothpaste and said, “boy, I was doing that all wrong…”

Same with shampoo. lather, Rinse. repeat." Crap, I didn’t know about the ‘rinse’ part…

many people use too much, and it is unhealthy to ingest

please, there are definitely wrong ways to use tooth paste (squeezing it incorrectly and in the wrong place)

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Fun fact: every instruction/warning on every product is there because there exists at least one person on the world who has fucked it up.
Don’t put a plastic bag over someone’s head?
Don’t eat Tide Pods?
Professional Driver on a closed course?

Do not underestimate the stupidity of the stupidest person.

Remove child from shirt before putting shirt in washing machine.



Yeah, them too. But only one stupid person with a smart lawyer needs to sue.

The rinse part, yeah, but I’d bet most people don’t bother with the repeat part. The funny thing is the shampoo company is doing you a favor. If you actually repeat, you only need a teeny bit of shampoo each time to get a decent lather on the second try (first try almost seems like you’re wasting your time, as you don’t really get lather with that one). If you skip the repeat, you need a lot more shampoo to get the same lather.

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Could also post here:

That’s twice I’ve linked this thread today… I’m on a roll!

I’ve always read that the “repeat” part is unnecessary and is just a gimmick to make you use more shampoo…

I only shampoo every other day with a quarter-size blob, though still rinse my hair on the off days. My hair seems a lot healthier when I do that than doing every day. Has a nice natural, non-greasy shine and holds together better without needing product. Also pretty much eliminates dandruff which I’ll sometimes get washing daily.

But the instructions don’t mention (proper) squeezing location.

Depending on my activity level, often I can get adequate lather with the first application. i don’t use a ton, but then again, I have short-ish hair. Sometimes, if I’m particularly grody, I may need to do it twice, but I use but very little the second time.

I won’t say who, but I’ve known people using it as lube.

toothpaste?!?!?! a lot of minty/medicinal feelings would be present

I got a little Newton’s cradle thing in the company gift swap. It came with instructions. There were no words, just a few pictures of how you could operate the thing.

okay, not gonna lie, I’ve done it as a kid in the shower. but I know of others doing it too.

Yeah, would not recommend anything minty on the weenie.

That’s what’s known as a dental DAMN!

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Should have kept your hose clean