Prime Day

So what are you Capitalist Pig-enablers going to be wasting your hard-earned money on this year during Prime Day?


awesome typo, IMO.

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Buy yourself a $50 Amazon gift card, get $12.50 additional Amazon account credit:

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I think you meant “hardly-earned money”, IMO.


spend up guys, this is your time to get rich


Nope. However it looks like Canadian tire is having a special on that day. Spend 200 bucks and get 30 bucks in Canadian tire money. I’d so that before prime day.
Unfortunately I don’t have anything I need from there.

Go to my Amazon app to see what they might tempt me to buy…

First 3 items they highlight: litter box, bucket of dog treats, and some air filters for my furnace.

Prime Day has jumped the shark.

My top are running shoes (would never buy without trying on), 3 different computer monitors (already have 7 monitors in a weird quad setup + additional) and kids’ hearing protection (I have no kids).

Didn’t even know it was Prime Day. I am tempted to buy a pound of pine nuts though, just to not go to the store.

However, I highly recommend the Amazon Prime card if you use Prime frequently. 5% cashback on Amazon and $100 off the bat for signing up.

(also a 50-pack of KN95s, lol. I’m still rocking the 8-pack of N95s I bought like a year ago)

Is it just me? I’m at that age where a deal on furnace filters isn’t bad at all.



It’s practically one of those progressive life coach commercials