President Biden Alternatives on the 2024 D ticket

Plenty of people, Whitmer for one…


Emerson poll shows Biden polling the best in hypothetical head to head vs trump.

Reuters poll show similar results: Link
Biden: Even
Harris: -1% vs Trump
Whitmer: -6% vs trump

Other than people calling for him to resign, I don’t think I’ve seen a lot change on how people would actually vote. Seems to be an overreaction to the debate to me.

At this point I’d think you’d lose more votes when people show up to a vote and not understand why they can’t vote for Biden than you’d gain on a different dem candidate.

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I don’t think Pritzker needs to raise any money. He’d go the way of Ross Perot if he felt he had the Party’s backing.

This was in the Washington Post today -

It’s not about where the race is now. It’s about where the race will be in 3 months. I think Biden loses steam and “candidates that not everyone is familiar with” would gain votes.

Biden can still win, but it is more dependent upon Trump screwing things up. Or if SuperBiden emerges as a cross between Jack LaLanne and Obama. It can be done, but unfortunately this massive optics effort would be at the expense of him running the country. And then there are serious doubts of him effectively serving even 2 more years as President.

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I see a bunch of other names that are in the approximate order of how well known they are. I also see that Biden is in a losing position.


Interesting. Harris gets a bump with black voters but she is rather unpopular with white people (38%), according to that poll. So I guess she doesn’t really move the needle all that much.

Also 67% think Biden should drop out. Let’s be honest here, it’s quite possible that Biden has another mental lapse, and this could jeopardize his reelection. He needs to drop out and Dems should put Whitmer. She will win against Trump, will carry the midwest for Dems.

She seems like the perfect candidate except for the fact that she is not as well known, nationally. I think she could do extremely well in Michigan, Penn, Ohio, etc. Dems needs to make it happen.

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Registered voters also generally poll better for Democrats than likely voters since Democrats are less reliable in showing up to vote.

these polls will make Biden stick around, imo. This is not good.

Well I won’t be voting for him despite having done so in 2020, so n+1…

Not sure if you’re reading this correctly, as this poll is showing that Harris is ahead of Biden now. And I agree with you that Biden would probably lose steam and Harris hasn’t even been allowed to campaign for herself yet.

On another note, I don’t believe that being non-white and a woman is a liability. People already voted for her indirectly in 2020 when she was on Biden’s ticket and given Biden’s age there was a chance that she would have to take over (and may still have to do that). Of course, Obama was also voted in twice. The vast majority who have a problem with her ethnicity and gender were probably going to vote Trump anyway.

Totally agree.

Any alternative candidate will already have some voter profile. Four months is an eternity in politics in most other countries where federal election campaigns are typically measured in weeks.

The US has gotten used to perpetual election campaigns but four months is lots of time for a new candidate to raise his/her profile, especially given how much free media coverage there will be for a new candidate. CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, etc., will extensively report on any new candidate.


I’m sure I mentioned it but Australia has 5 weeks. One candidate says “Struth! Everything’s turning to custard!” and the other candidate says “She’ll be right”. Then they vote.

True, but it all comes down to 1% of median Pennsylvanians.

Presumably that is a reflection of how a significant portion of the support for Biden isn’t really “support for Biden”. It’s support for “anybody other than Trump”

The concern is that given the nature of American political polarization…it’s going to be a very close election decided by get out the vote efforts in a dozen-or-so states, a mechanic not caught in high-level polls tracking potential countrywide popular vote.

The D’s have to figure out how to get a few more people in a few states to cast ballots. Do they run Biden despite concerns of his fitness to serve, or do they go with someone not carrying that particular baggage, but who is less of a known quality (or is potentially less inoffenssive)?


Pelosi is hilarious again.

From yesterday:

“It’s up to the president to decide if he is going to run. We’re all encouraging him to to make that decision. Because time is running short.”

When pressed on whether she wanted him to seek re-election, Ms. Pelosi said: “I want him to do whatever he decides to do. And that’s the way it is. Whatever he decides, we go with.”

This 3 days after Biden was like “I have made up mind, I am 1000% definitely running.”

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Lets check notes on recent elections.
08&12 - Obama wins easily because he generated enthusiasm and people voted.
16 - two shitty candidates no one wanted and it was mostly a voter suppression strategy.
20 - the American apology tour - hey world, look, we didn’t fck this up again.
Today - we all forgot how bad the Trump years were, so we are gonna go back to fcking this up with two shitty candidates.

It’s going to be the same result as 2016. Biden has been a fine president, but appears to be unable to take credit for anything other than staying awake.


Yeah. Canada’s election campaigns are max 7 weeks and the Brits and French are often even shorter. The US is exceptional with its long and very expensive election campaigns.

This is how politics is meant to work right? We all take turns. It’s his turn on the slide!