Posters I Miss

Place to lament about posters who haven’t made the jump to GA.

Anyone know if JGFCAS plans to join? Haven’t seen him here.

checks member list

looks like JGFCAS joined January 27, last on here April 28 and has 14 posts, so he knows about this place, but hasn’t been on here since the ao died. This place was shut down for a while while the ao was still a thing, so unsure if he knows that we migrated here. It didn’t catch on as much until the ao died.

i don’t miss anyone

I haven’t really figured out how to maneuver through this site yet. Took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out how to add an avatar.


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There’s posters I miss from the 80s and 90s. Too many to mention.

I see some have made accounts but aren’t posting. I’d like to see Egghead here.

70s - Farrah Fawcett; Cheryl Tiegs (mesh bathing suit)


JoJo - I like following her travel adventures!!!

isn’t JoJo not anonymous at all? you can probably contact her to tell her about this place assuming she doesn’t know about it.


This is not in tune with the OP, but I miss Carol Marler (JMO) and Brad Gile


He wasn’t posting on the AO that much, more recently. I assume he’s busy doing other stuff.

If things build up here, I assume he’ll come back.

I see ActuaryTruther and his alter-ego haven’t made their way here yet.
Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing…

I miss Darth Chef

Weeeelll, I did tell him about this place, when he was annoying me on twitter. I indicated that bitching at me (and John Lee) on twitter wouldn’t do much, so why not go where the North American actuaries are… who will also not care?

When he inevitably bitches at me on twitter again, I’m going to point out the Actuarial Outpost is back. That should be fun.


I miss lots of posters but I still throw rocks at them anyway. It’s all about practice.


Thanks for thinking of me, NerdAlert. :blush: Kind of like what it means to be at your own funeral, and the fact that you posted this despite the fact that you’re not a pun lover means even more. I’m here, decided to retire this ID since I kept confusing JGFCAS with JFG to the point where I was having trouble understanding womanspeak. In time y’all will figure out my alt, or you can just send PMs to all the unfamiliar IDs until you guess right or get banned, whichever comes first. Have fun!


I miss Bro

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Bro is on the users list!!! :+1: