Post your traceroute to Goactuary

You can see the route your computer takes on the internet to get to this site using the traceroute command. Sometimes there’s interesting stuff. If you’re so inclined to see what the path is, on Windows open a command prompt and type in:

You’ll see every hop on the way. Warning, posting this will make your location public so… be aware., huh

Anyway, as I’m known:

Here’s mine:
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 _gateway ( 0.936 ms 1.649 ms 2.073 ms
2 ( 11.724 ms 11.281 ms 12.136 ms
3 ( 16.943 ms 16.526 ms 17.293 ms
4 ( 22.163 ms 19.280 ms 21.711 ms
5 * * *
6 * * *
7 ( 40.388 ms 30.378 ms 56.907 ms
8 ( 40.427 ms 56.968 ms 57.621 ms
9 ( 34.168 ms 33.635 ms 48.235 ms
10 ( 34.585 ms 34.786 ms 31.738 ms
11 ( 37.006 ms 36.979 ms 36.927 ms
12 ( 36.463 ms 38.073 ms 39.758 ms
13 ( 39.124 ms 38.766 ms 38.805 ms

1 and 2 are my computer and modem. From there it goes to 3 and 4 which are sort of collection points for my ISP. 5-10 are my ISP doing ISP things.

11 is ‘torix’ which is my ISP dumping traffic into a toronto internet exchange where everyone shares traffic (i.e. Google is a member of torix, so when they hit goactuary they don’t wander around the internet. They have a presence in the same building as GoA, so they just connect to torix and right to our servers).

12 is the web hosting company I use.
13 is the GoA server.

38ms time is OK, but under another provider I used to see it sub 20.

Optonline. I think my daughter used them for internet when she was in NYC for school. IIRC I was blown away by what they offered. I think they had free wifi on their phone through most of NYC, the company had wireless access points everywhere.

Well, I’m almost in Putnam County as it is, but yeah, they’re all over the place up here, especially at shopping centers and train stations

It’s from like 15 years ago. I registered it as a generic name to feed some backend stuff I was providing for agents with websites. My ISP somehow burned that in as the server name and I’ve never bothered to change it. You’re the first person other than me to notice it :).

I think my daughter was in Yonkers. Some rich place or other, they sure weren’t used to seeing the likes of us. Send her back to NYC with snow tires on steel rims. Steel rims get rusted to crap because snow and salt, it’s just a part of winter here, everybody’s got rusted rims in the winter. Not so in Yonkers. The landlord, of his own accord, spray painted her rims right on her car. Because rust. On a car. In Yonkers.

Here’s mine:

I would do :squintyeyes: at you at the old AO.

Yes, we’ve got loads of snow & salt down here in NY, too. Plenty of rusted/corroded rims and other bits of cars.

I assume the landlord painted the rims because that’s what he liked to do. Some people deal with the salt/snow mix in various ways. Which reminds me, I plan on soaping up my windows tomorrow before the storm hits.

But I don’t think anyone runs seperate ice tires and steel winter rims, do they?. Or at least, I didn’t see any when I was there. Even the nice cars here are running around on rusty rims through the winter. It’s a whole thing swapping rims twice a year. Also, sucks for storage, I’ve got to keep 4 full sets of tires and rims in the shed.

Most people know not to have nice cars up here, unless you’re super-rich, have a garage, and are willing to drive some of your vehicles for only a few weeks a year.

I do boggle at my neighbors driving their nice cars in winter. WTF, guys. Don’t you have a Subaru you can drive instead of the Mercedes?