Post-impeachment America

I’m not surprised of course that he won’t be removed.

But what happens now? It seems to me that the GOP has broken itself and we just have to wait it out until November.

That may well be selection bias on my part but I’ve been posting pretty regularly on various senators social media pages and seeing what others are posting. I’m in a long-RED state and what I’m seeing posted on my senators’ pages is 95+% against the GOP.

Have they shot themselves in the foot? Or do they still have a base that can hold them?

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They are banking on the short memories of voters. And they are probably safe to do so.

I have to think that the Dems were mostly looking for talking points to use in the election. Hopefully they can do something with them.

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I also think the dems were looking to bring enough attention to this abuse of power early on, to hopefully help curb it on a grander scale.

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Something like 58% of white evangelicals are millenarian and believe that Jesus is coming back by 2050. So, as long as the GOP supports the anti-choice lobby, those evangelicals will be ok with whatever the GOP politicians do in their private or political lives. They, the millenarians, just want the country to be right with Jesus… because, you know, that’s how shit works?

Do you think stuff like the evangelical newsletter denouncing him - assuming and hoping more stuff like that keeps coming out - will have an impact on them?

Not one bit. That evangelical newsletter has already been dismissed as a bunch of libs by the larger Trumpian evangelical machine. It’s worse than fake news. It’s old news.

Ok, I’m going to show my atheist stripes here. This whole millenarian thing is just one more arrow in the quiver of reasons why religion is not only silly but fundamentally bad for the future of humanity.

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