Poll: vote for a sticker and banner symbol

I have a designer making me some stickers for my homebrew symbol. Which one(s) do you like best (which one would make you want to drink my homebrew)? I am a fan of #3 but I’d like to get both the numbers 2 maybe with a partial top of the hop to complete it. Maybe even put cross-bone Mash Paddles below. I like the color scheme as well. # 1 is pretty scary looking. Would you add anything/change anything? Appreciate any constructive feedback.

  • Sicker 1 (Top) Skull with hop eyes
  • Slicker 2 (Middle) Too much color
  • Sticker 3 (Bottom) Hoppy numbers

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But that’s just me. I don’t know why I’d choose a skull to represent my brand. I figure a guy with a big beer gut would be 1) more like me 2) representative of enjoyment than a skull. YMMV of course.

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#3 one can also see a skull. Hop + Skull = Skullop, Hopull?
I am a fan of the jolly roger symbol - thus why I have two skulls

262 is a reference for a lot for me:
My Area Code
A recipe (20%, 60%, 20%)

3 is a cool # and the number of taps I have on my keezer

I’d suggest “expanding” #3 into a pseudo-skull shape.

Put hops for the eyes

Make 2 6 2 sort of like the ear - nose - ear “spots”

TAPP3RS into a smile

“Homebrew” and Est 2022 into a bow-tie shape.

Sort of a classy skull motif


There are fair number of brands already using skulls. But I like yours.

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I’m not a fan of skulls & I didn’t find the fruit-ninja’d numbers of #3 to be all that “attractive” so I went with #2, but, keep in mind, I very rarely drink beer & when I do it will probably be a lager, so I’m really not your target market.

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I was going for the “hidden” skull idea, BTW.


I would have liked #3 best if there were just a little more contrast with the tapp3ers, I think. It’s hard to “read” easily. Not being that big into beer, I didn’t recognize hops at a glance, so maybe this part is irrelevant. My first thought for #2 was pinecone, which is just plain confusing. And it’s not a big part of #3, but it brought to mind pituitary gland, or maybe turtle. So that left me with #1. It’s kind of an old school look.

2’s colors would “pop” more on a banner. But looks to “Nascar-y”. But I could be convinced otherwise

Order of preference: 2, 3, 1

I lean toward #2: I like how the border looks like a beer cap.

Have you run your designs by T-royBTLF yet??? :popcorn:

cant read the numbers well on 3.

logos remind me of steel toe’s logo. (MPLS craft place w v good beers) can’t say exactly why, since they are def different. must be the clear use of the hops

Hmm…I don’t get that impression…btw, if you do sponsor a nascar driver with this brand, I will cheer/root for that driver/car/team.

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I have em on FB. I’ll go see if she looked and replied

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I am starting to like #2 just for the simplicity - Just fixing the T in the “TAPP3RS” - It looks like the font doesn’t match

I like 3 but not the slashes cutting off the 2s. Agree that #2 is the next best but I don’t dig it. Also agree the T in #2 is off. But I don’t like the font on it at all.

Did not vote because I don’t love any, but 3 is the closest for me.

Slicker 2 Version #2

I asked for the same font other than the 262 TAPP3RS


Really nice, imo.

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