Political truths that are worth sharing but aren’t funny

This is true. I have a couple of friends on the opposite ends of the political spectrum from me, we agree on a surprising amount of things, and when we don’t, it’s interesting to hear.
Mostly we agree on goals, just mild differences on how to accomplish them.

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Not really all that true. People learn this the hard way, and thus avoid the subjects.
Include Sports Cults and Reality TV so as to be compleat.

It’s sort of true? Despite being an obvious atheist, I dated a Christian throughout college, and had a lot of good meaningful conversations about religion largely by meeting her 99% of the way-- taking God as an assumption.

Politics feels harder. Because listening to conservative media tends to mean shitting loudly on liberals, with a few conspiracy theories tossed in for good measure. You can talk about the conspiracy theories, but you can’t peel them apart because you aren’t talking to a scientist. And there’s nothing else to talk about, because they don’t actually believe in anything particular.

Of course, there’s some less awful politics. Like some people just want to say “I don’t like big government”, and I say something like “oh, me neither”, but then the conversation sort of peters out.

Maybe the closest I have to normal political disagreement I have is with overzealous liberals. Who believe loudly in something they picked up from the internet, and you can quietly dismember their arguments, and they get angry at you. That’s not typical of GoActuary though. Lots of liberals here, but folks tend to be measured and/or knowledgeable.

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My wife was a diehard atheist and I was raised in a Christian environment so we had many discussions on religion in our younger years. We felt our differences needed to be resolved before we married and had kids. Her position has not changed and I have moved largely in her direction with each passing year.

Just edited this to add that my wife and I concluded it was more important to have similar values rather than the same religious beliefs. It is difficult to have a successful marriage if your values are at odds.

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“You know who she is - she kept calling Your name.”

When did it do that?


Agree with this.

Must have been hard to “move towards her point of view”. Usually its because of extended family “pressure”.

Thats been my view of marriages over the last few decades.

My wife & I were on the same wavelength (both atheists) so it was never an “issue”.

1/20/21 or shortly thereafter

Definitely the half of the right thread.
Give examples of where people are not allowed to “question the government.”
Giving reasonable answers to questions of government is not “cannot question the government.”

Shit, there was a president who openly pointed out specific media members in order to have them shut up by his mob.
Specific ones who “questioned the government.”
And that targeting stopped after 1/20/2021.
Go ahead, and question your government. Nothing will happen. I could probably find several instances of people openly questioning their government without retaliation, but they’d be idiotic questions about chemtrails and shit like that.


So a few months before the George Floyd protests?

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To be fair, the protests started in May 2020.

Ah - right. I was a year off. I remembered that they at least started after the Covid stuff though…

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There’s literally an “Uncommitted” group of Democrats who are vocally angry about “Genocide Joe”, and they’re allowed to do that.

Not to mention an army of “Fuck Joe Biden” Republicans.


The Iranian response was in somw ways a risky escalation because the number of missiles/drones was so large it wasn’t proprtional. But it was so ineffectual militarily at least(and telegraphed) that i wonder if it wasn’t sandbagged. It had a nonnegligible financial cost assymmetry and may have gained Iran useful info.

I don’t buy the sandbag theory, as to the scope. The cost of all those “weapons”, they had to be hoping something got trough, or you get the same effect with a quarter of the “weaponry” .

I feel they were going for as much destruction as possible and just failed miserably, but that doesn’t change the intent

Well, we did have that Ministry of Truth for a while (which is probably still operating). And there was that DHS alert for MDM (mis, dis, and mal information). So technically you can say things that the govt deems MDM, but there’s a non zero probability you’ll catch a terrorism charge.

And we had the three letter agencies under both Trump and Biden “encouraging (nice Section 230 you got there, would be a shame if something happened to it)” SM platforms to censor certain voices and ideas.

So yes, you got me. You can question the govt, but not as freely as a citizen should be able to imo.

And hey, it’s a meme, not a fully fleshed out concept. That’s the nature of memes.

If that was the case, why did they tell the US what they were doing?