Political libel suits (first one: Palin loses)

Use this thread to report outcomes of libel suits by politicians.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer VPILF.

This thread will be an appropriate place to post outcomes of suits claiming Trump was libeled. Do not overwhelm this thread by posting reports of courts finding Trump really won. :crickets:

for what it is worth I know someone that works at the accounting firm that just dumped Trump

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thank him for me

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IFYP; she was never VPOTUS. Only a candidate.

Amazing updated news on the VPCILF. From Jurors in Sarah Palin's defamation lawsuit against The New York Times say they got notifications on their phones that the case had been dismissed before reaching a verdict

Seems like that could be a monster win for Palin. IANAL, but sounds like possible grounds for totally throwing out the jury’s verdict, and since the jury voted guilty, the dismissal that would have happened didn’t happen (AFAIK).


The verdict probably should be thrown out. But she is going to appeal, anyway, and probably lose again, anyway. Maybe the R SCOTUS will side with her but I doubt it.

Our libel laws are pretty tough. Proving it wasn’t an innocent mistake is hard.

the twitter lawyers I read seem to say…of course she would appeal anyway, but that is another thing to bring up. but the judge already threw out the case so the jury verdict wasn’t to be used anyway. so the hurdle is say the judge was wrong and win on that, and then…have to get the jury verdict thrown out so the trial can continue. lottsa hurdles