Political Humor Thread

I’m apparently behind on my TV shows.

If you haven’t seen any of the Philomena Cunk shows, then yes you are behind.



I think is more sad than humorous, but…


Have not watched her but sounds like she is worth a try.


Just watched Cunk. She is hilarious but I can only take her schtick one episode at a time.


From The Guardian:

  • After Vladimir Putin gave US interviewer Tucker Carlson his exhaustive version of Russia’s historical glory, a Mongolian leader has trolled Vladimir Putin over the size of defunct Eurasian empires. “After Putin’s talk. I found Mongolian historic map. Don’t worry. We are a peaceful and free nation,” [wrote Tsakhia Elbegdorj, former Mongolian president, who was previously also Mongolian prime minister, is an international figure and was a leader in Monglia’s 1990 democratic revolution ending communist rule.

Just make sure you pump up the jams.

It’s a few days late, but… Biden’s big game TikTok

(I don’t really do TikTok, but this one was mentioned in an WaPo oped column: https://wapo.st/3UElrJO)


Jon Stewart was amusing as always on the Daily Show, but in the clips of the tiktok video I think he makes Biden seem overly bad there. He doesn’t seem bad to me. Sure, he doesn’t look 50, but I don’t think we can ever expect that.

I’ve been watching a lot of the reactions to Stewart coming back.

My take is that Stewart is being the same as he always has been. He was always a progressive, but always made fun of both sides. I never took it as “both sides are the same”, moreso “both sides could give us better, but instead we have a choice between ham and cheese or a complete shit sandwich.” Stewart clearly favored Obama over Dubya, but took a number of good jabs at Obama as deserved.

I think people are freaking out because elections have become even more polarizing and there’s a sense of “if you criticize my candidate then you may as well be voting for the other one.” It doesn’t help that our political discourse is so muddied by things like Hunter Biden’s dick pics that it’s reflexive to push back on anything negative said about your side.

He has 9 months of Mondays to work with, I’ll continue to tune in.


Whoa there. Ham and cheese is great. Biden was ham and cheese 30 years ago, now he’s stale ham and cheese.

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You mean prosciutto and brie?

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Yeah, moldy prosciutto and 3 week sun aged brie.

Intended seriously, accidentally funny. I love the idea that even in a fake letter to his wife, he is signing his name Donald J. Trump.

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Well, there may be other Donalds sending Melania Valentine’s cards so good to be clear on which Donald?

I am guessing he means figuratively, because i don’t think they have been seen in public together lately, no? I mean since the MiL’s funeral.

your kindness, and warmth

Yeah… sure

even after every affair, rape and groping you have never left my money.

They did an event together a couple of days ago. By which I mean she was in the receiving line of people that he said hi to when he entered.