Poker: Bad Beats, Scores, Stories, Hand Questions, Etc

I back to back days, I was playing well and up at Red Rock at 1/2. Was up about $450 with jacks. Raised pre-flop, hit J. There were 2 flush cards. I bet pot on flop, he calls. Nothing on turn. He bets $60, I raise to $120, he goes all in for $375, I call. I show my trips. He is on a flush draw with Q6. Hits river. I had nearly identical thing next day. Lost an all in to a flush chaser who went all on for huge hands without top 2 cards when I had trips. Also lost to a straight chaser with 4 outs with 2 pair including top pair. I was playing tight and got hammered on odds in 3 huge hands in 2 days. Those 3 hands cost me over a grand, and otherwise up a few hun. Needed to take a couple days off.

On the flip side, one way I was able to make some back was a guy that kept pulling chips and betting in stacks of $15 (either 3-4) and dropping one on top when he bluffed and betting stacks of $20 when he made a hand. There was another guy that I think picked up on it and took a bunch off the guy as well. He was a regular there by his talk, although I hadn’t seen him who dropped about $800 in an hour.

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Yo, I’m 130 on the wait list at Aria. Anywhere else i can go?

Tough call

Friday night is tough. Caesars, Venetian, Wynn or Horseshoe. Resorts is small room might not be too crowded. I don’t usually play on weekend nights.

Good luck!

Thanks! I got on a table, doubled up already with KK. Aria let us run two boards. Villain had AQ, and did not improve.

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Ended up about 225 up.

Ran into a tricky player. I turned a flush on a paired board, a 4c, only to have her check-raise the turn. Then she checks the river after a third queen. So i checked back. She tables pocket 4s for a super boat.

Loved the rake structure. $1 for a $10 pot, $2 for $30, etc., up to $5 for $120.

The thing I like about poker is that it’s the one game where players can win consistently because you’re playing against other players instead of the house. Maybe when I retire I’ll get into it.

That’s all. Sorry to disturb your thread.

Welcome! It is why I play poker and no other casino gambling. The math is somewhat easy, and implied odds are the secret sauce.

playing a tournament today. bubble hand, I was 2nd and all in w 3rd (top 2 win $) w 3 people left. I was ahead on the all in pre. on the flop. on the turn. guy hit a 2 outer for a straight and the win on the river. : (

eventually I busted out of the money. was fun to play live at least

They only paid two places??
Was it a sit-n-go?

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Played at the local casino the other day for the first time in what feels like ages.

Sat at 1/3 with $250 and lost a little early when I 3-bet to $50 with pocket 10s in the SB. Continued on a J-high flop. Turn was a Q giving me 4 to a flush, I checked and guy stacked it. I folded. He later said he had 9-J with the 9 of clubs, not sure I believe him. Later I picked off a few smaller stacks with AK > QT (no one improved), then raise shoved with A-7 suited when I turned two pair (he called with AK and didn’t improve on the river). Won a couple other pots with QQ and KK when I 3-bet an no one called.

Was up to about $600 and went to 1-2 PLO to try my luck there (only sat with about $350). Didn’t win a single pot for about 2 hours and dwindled to about $125. Finally chopped one with a straight to get back a bit then won a couple without showdown. Probably should stuck with the luckier 1/3 table but ended the day up $190, not too shabby for a few hours of enjoyment.

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Went to Commerce last night. Taking $7 per hand, $2 preflop! Only $1 for the jackpot.
So, game is very different from Vegas.

Was down $300 but picked up KK, and doubled and a half up. Next hand i got AA, got one taker, bet $40, he calls again. Turnwas bricky so put him sllin, and he thought about it but folded.

Then a fight broke out at another table and that was my cue to leave. Apparently this is a frequent thing at Commerce.

Ended up +$138 for the session.
Kicking myself hindsight a few times with my spec hands that I folded to aggression, but just waited it out.

Playing 3/5 with a max $200 buy-in. A lot more luck required. Another playing strategy factor.

At the bicycle wait list.

Ok, back from The Bike, up 180.
Lost my frst $200 in an 12-out draw.
Put in another 2, lost some that, so last 100 for the night. Hit an inside straight on the turn for about $150. Took another 100 from someone bullying with some pocket pair vs my paired Ax.
Lost a bit to a made straight on the river vs my KK.
Folded a big bet to my raise of AJ. He had AK and position to my immediate left and no other players.
Can bluff one player, but any more and it’s ATC, and you have to figure out who hit. Cuz someone did.

Went to The Bike again last night. Dropped $500 dicking around. They are taking $8 as well from a $2/3 table. Lots of chopping pre-flop, and I’m OK with that. They run a “Progressive Flop Bet” that is separate from the poker. For a dollar you get all kinds of shitty odds. Flush on Flop only – three cards of the same suit – returns $5. A Straight is $10. The progressive jackpot pays out if the whole board is a Royal Flush. So, a stupid bet and a good way to pick out the suckers/gamblers, of which there are a lot. Turning that on its head, I find it can be advantageous to give opponents the impression that you are a gambler.
Turned it around by hitting trip 6’s with on a 67s call of $75 after my $15 raise under-the-gun pre-flop. So, $225 in the pot with the guy on my left also calling. 66K on the flop, I check, left of me check, the preflop reraiser goes all-in, has me covered but I call, and the guy to my left has me covered and also called. They each had a K, so I had to sweat the case King, and it didn’t show. So, triple-up of $250 or so to $750.
I won some other hands, but there are always enough players in the pot that if you don’t hit, someone else hit.
I left after someone with pocket aces had to fold to aggression after KKx hit the flop. They both also had Ky and Kz and split the pot. So, of course this guy has to start muttering that these guys are long-run losers anyway, and all that. I’d rather opponents not tell the other opponents to play better. It’s easier when they play like shit and win occasionally only to lose it all. But it was late anyway and I was ahead and I had to get up in the morning.