Plan My Weekend

My husband got me a hotel downtown (Cbus) for two nights next weekend, Mother’s Day weekend.

I am on a low carb diet and don’t drink, and I’m not sure what to do with myself for those two days. The hotel is very close to my office, so there’s little to explore. The spas are all booked up for massages.

I was thinking of getting my nails done, that’s something I do enjoy and haven’t had done by someone else in at least a year.

I’ll also be catching up on sleep and binge watching stuff and reading a bit, but that’s only so much time.

Soooo what should I do? Within walking distance, as I won’t have my car. I don’t go to movies, so that one is out.

I just hope Jude Law doesn’t come stumbling to my doorstep, drunk, looking for his sister because I don’t have time for a whirlwind cross-continental romance right now.

Jack Black, though…I’d make time for him.

We’d all make time for jack black.


Is COSI still around and open? I heard some awful stories about its demise. Was pretty cool when it was in Memorial Hall on Board Street. Now it’s where old Central High was.
Looked it up. Nope. Opening June 3.
Even the new Crew stadium won’t be open until July. Gonna be hard to get your me time in the 'lumbus. Or Cowtown. Or whatever they call it these days.

Looks like this place will be open:

Walk around German Village, south of downtown. Or Granville Heights, NW of downtown.

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tenor (5)

I’ve lived here my entire life except for about two years. It’s hard to find new things to do. But that kelton house is new to me and looks interesting so I’ll add that to the list.

These are always fun. We’ve done one in DC and one in Chicago.

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I ended up going into the office to get some work done :grimacing:

Go :sushi:. :+1: