Pigeonholed into Pensions?

I work at a life insurance company, and recently rotated to a new team working with pension products, whereas on my past teams I was working with life and annuities products.

I am wondering if this new role will pigeon hole me into pension work into the future? It is valuation and thus far it doesn’t necessarily seem to involve a ton of specific product knowledge (mostly just learning to follow the documentation for month/QE work, at least to start with), so maybe it does not matter, and is moreso just viewed as general valuation experience.

I would just prefer to stay with life annuities/long term because the general sentiment is that work is higher paying and with better future prospects. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding this?

“considered a life insurance company” is a strange description. Anyway, my main concern would be whether this is a standard company program where you normally rotate every 18-24 months and can expect to be leaving pensions after that, or does this suggest you would normally be in pensions indefinitely? Either way, you should discuss it with your current supervisor, but I wouldn’t consider a temporary time in pensions a problem. In the US, pre-ASA (you didn’t say), your main advancement determination in the career - for potentially changing companies - is exams passed rather that specific expertise.

There will be some situations where the hiring company cares about specific experience, but most companies at the pre-ASA level would not.

Is this a common rotation? Have others who have rotated in this role been pigeonholed?

What is your concern about pensions, specifically?

Is the work interesting?

It’s hard to say whether a specific rotation is “common” or not. Rotations in pensions at my company, not particularly, valuation rotations are very common though.

It’s not something I want to be in long term because of somewhat lower salary is my main concern.

I’m struggling to understand the concern about lower salary. Why is the salary lower?

In the DWS surveys pensions have lower salaries than the other areas. At my current company I am making the same regardless of where I rotated, I am just talking about long term prospects.

Also, I am pre asa, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

My experience with that (pension actuary myself) is that it’s more pension consulting and the companies that employ pension consultants pay lower salaries than people who work in pension type work specifically.

I work at a life insurance pricing pension products, and an no longer in pension consulting. I make a lot more than I used to. I would expect pay to be tied more to your company’s philosophy on compensation.

As for being pigeonholed, I wouldn’t worry about that in pensions any more than any other area.

I spent 10 years in pension consulting, a few years in health, and now work in pension risk transfer. I have been told by many in my current company that even though I have zero experience in life insurance or other types of annuities, I could succeed in pretty much any area if I moved into them. And I still don’t really understand what “capital” is, so that’s saying something.

Yea at my company I don’t believe salary is connected to area, just exams, promotions, and past merit raises.
I don’t see myself going into consulting in general, so the role is probably fine for now anyway, especially since I am still pretty inexperienced.