Yo, I just got discriminated against.

To celebrate my newfound invincibility I decided to get some takeout from a restaurant and when I tried to order they were like, “you can get the menu by scanning this rectangle thing with your phone.” And I’m like, uh what? Scan? Phone? The hell?

Not everyone takes their phone with them, who do you think I am over here, mr moneybags?

That’s phonealist!

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Until I upgraded, my smart phone was very hit & miss on scanning

Most places will have paper menus if you can’t scan.

Doesn’t work too good if the QR code on the table has a piece torn out of it. :roll_eyes: :angry:

how does getting take-out rather than eating in celebrate any sort of invincibility?

baby steps imo

you didn’t even get take-out while in hiding?

also, aren’t you concerned your invincibility is compromised with the new strains?

also also, my sister got the bivalent booster and 3 weeks later BAM! COVID!

although, it was a pretty mild case.

I did but I got it delivered

You and I should go for food & drink at a place with paper menus some time. I’ll bring my phone just in case. :+1:

why didn’t you have your phone with you?

It was a short walk and I didn’t want to take my purse

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some people think voting by internet is a stretch, or that AV or EVs can’t be viable in the near future. hope they all die off soon.

we don’t need people holding back technology.

The dems would win because rural America still uses dialup

no one lives in rural America

it was enough to elect trump

land elected trump, not people

Looks like it’s time for a potacular. Book a trip to MCI and we’ll head south. If we go just a little bit out of the way we can check out this beauty in Independence, KS, where you can begin setting up your kingdom.


Honestly I would love to build a mansion over an acre in rural America.

Can’t be too rural though as I need access to asian groceries.

Also, I need the whole project to be under 1.5 million.

Damn, that’s a tall order in the Midwest. I think you’ll need to be close to a college town. Near me there is an Asian grocer in Lawrence, one in Topeka. Next one west from Topeka is probably Denver.