Pellet litter

Anyone try?

'round these parts they sell it in liters.

Stacked on pallets?

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Crunchy, tasteless, dry. Would not recommend.

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Eh, we have 3 cats. I would love to be organic and environmentally friendly, but the smell good, clumping, environmentally unfriendly stuff just works really good so I’m not giving it up.

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Used for a disabled cat that would sit down in the litter and clumping litter would cause it UTIs.

Switching helped a ton. However if not for the medical issues I’d go clumping litter. Is just a little easier. I don’t recall which was cheaper though as I bought like 300 pounds of the pellet litter when it was randomly 50% off one day, I still have some 50 pounds in the basement I need to get over to the shelter…

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You might consider keeping some of that . . . they’re great for disposing of expired/unneeded prescription medication.

Huh? Is this a joke of which I am unaware or is this actually a thing? How, pray tell, would you utilize pellet litter to dispose of expired/unneeded prescription medication?

Yes. Here is the FDA info:

I also added some water to the cat litter/med mix to help with the mixing of the stuff.

I took on the job of disposing of all of my FIL’s medicine (along with expired OTC stuff) after his passing last Fall. Cat litter was the cheapest (and quickest) item to get.

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We used it for our kittens when they were babies (because clumping litter is bad for kittens younger than 4 months), but the other cats wouldn’t use the pine litter, so we stopped keeping separate litter types up until a couple months ago. The kittens (~1.25 years old) have a pine litter box available again, but it only gets used occasionally, and only for #1.

IME, the smell with pine litter is way less bad than the smell with clumping litter, but that’s probably because it’s only being used occasionally, and I’ve forgotten what it was like when they were little and used it exclusively.

In that case it definitely makes sense.