Pay Inequality

Because it is a hot topic in another thread.

My anecdotal evidence suggests that the gender wage gap has AFFECTED me directly (in a non-traditional actuarial role).


Is this a question of politics, or a career topic? :thinking:

I’m thinking both.

Well I managed to temporarily derail your career thread… so I agree with both :laughing:

Once again a man taking credit for a woman’s contribution…I clearly derailed the thread!


:rofl: I was torn on whether to say I contributed to derailing the thread or taking complete ownership for the crime

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You shouldn’t except that kind of treatment…

My thoughts exactly, accept for the contractions.

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I’m not sure what my plan of action should be at the moment. I’m out of my element and still feeling the effects of the industry culture shock.

My plan is just to observe for a while, learn the ropes, strike when I’ve gained some clout - if need be.

I was making a rude joke, which is that you wrote “effect” instead of “affect”. I wouldn’t normally be a grammar nazi, but it’s significant here.

(Not that I can talk, I know for a fact my EL cover letter had a spelling error.)

Well, it was Tiff, not VA.

How did you find out?

To answer you more honestly, I really don’t know what I would do if I were in your position.

Most actuarial programs I know seem to try hard to be “fair”, but there’s no telling if you can improve yours or find another.

In the long run, at least, you will get to be in a deciding position.

Learn how to push back and be a better negotiator, and be willing to apply those skills. Men (generally speaking) are more willing to confront, push back, and therefore fare better when negotiating compensation than are women (generally speaking).

Do you think women typically get the same results as men when they are confrontational and push back?


Peer pressure - me and the other guy are bros.


I don’t need to know how to spell! We have a whole division dedicated to making my upcoming whitepaper pretty… and grammatically correct.

So, in essence, women need more testosterone.

In the situation we’re in currently I think there is an element of teaching girls/women to act in a more stereotypically manly way just because we’re stuck with what we’ve got in the moment.

Longer run I think a lot of the blunt negotiation will fade away as women become a healthier proportion of jobs across a wider spectrum. Not to say there won’t be negotiation, but I think it’ll gradually be less blunt, arguably that’s already happening.

Imagine for a moment that one of the women in your office started acting in a “more stereotypically manly” way. How does that play out in your mind?

When they’re in their mid-year review with their boss and their boss says “I hate having these reviews, you’re great let me know if you have any questions.”

She responds with “I really want to get promoted at YE, how can I convince you to promote me by YE?” rather than “yeah me too these mid-year reviews are a waste of time.”