Pangram speciesism

I propose that from now on, in the sentence, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,” we switch the places of the fox and the dog with equal frequency. That way people don’t have a preconceived bias that foxes are better than dogs.

Seriously, I can teach you how to crochet, next time I see you in person.

I can show you how to crochet a Mobius strip… or even a klein bottle (you make two mobius strips of different chirality and then crochet them together… you can use it as a coin purse)


in the next star wars reboot, i propose that chewie is the space pilot and scoundrel, and solo is always thinking with his stomach

We should go for Happy Hour!!! :beers: :pizza: :pizza: :fries:


I’m about to add ‘crochet klein bottle’ to my list of extravagant purchases.

Most people do it as a hat:

I wouldn’t pay this for a knitted one:

But it is really easy to make mobius strip scarves, knit or crochet. The klein bottle hats are more difficult, but not too bad.

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